Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Project Green Gables, Texture Complete!

Well, it's time for my monthly update on Project Green Gables. With Halloween show season fast approaching, my progress on this labor of love has been intermittent. However, I have good news! After hours of intensive application, all the dimensional elements and overlaying texture have been applied, and the gable is ready for paint! Yay! Today, we brought home a quart of vintage green paint and JP has already coated the entire base in this lovely hue. As time allows, I will be dry-brushing on the cream accents to allow my design to pop. Stay tuned for more updates here and scroll down to my previous blog posts to see all the various phases of the project.....

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna


* And there she is in her sprawling beauty!  :) Click each image for a larger view...


* A closer glimpse reveals all the woody texture that I applied to the various scrolling vines...


* And here's a zoom on the right bird's profile, feathers and all...


* Another perspective helps to express the dimensional qualities of the sculpture...


* And of course, we have a few blossoms to round out the design...


* As well as a perched cutie facing forward...


* And a third bird completes the composition!


* Jack didn't offer too much physical help it seems, but he was often by my side, keeping me company. However, that big yawn probably means that he's about over this project and ready for me to get back to my Halloween black cat making! :) And that's probably a good idea given the date! I hope to See YOU at the Glens Art Walk! I better get busy!....

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Project Green Gables Update...

Hi all! It's time for an update... August has crept in, so I'm juggling all sorts of projects right now including our front gable design! I've been snapping a few "work in progress" photos of my steps along the way and will include those in this post. At this point,  each half of the gable is completely filled in with layers of papier mache. If all goes well, I have just one layer left to apply which will create the woody texture and other detailed elements in the scene. Stay tuned for more photos in a week or so...


* After I pencil-sketched my design in place outside on the the front gables, JP removed the halves and brought them indoors for me to work on. Then, I roughly outlined the art in black marker pen.


* Scrolling vines, perching birds, dots, and....


* Flowers of course!.....


* After the lines were drawn, I spent a few days adding layers of papier mache skim coat to cover the plywood. I roughly filled in the spaces between the design with this layer build.


* Once the base dried, I began filling in the elements with a thick layer of papier mache to create dimension...


* The shapes and characters started to pop with this step! All have been drying out in the sun, awaiting the last layer of papier mache that will create the dimensional texture I hope to achieve. Wish me luck, and check back for more updates soon! (And yes, Jack enjoyed watching me work in a novel place. He was initially intrigued with my project, although I think he's sleeping in this photo :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

House of Green Gables...

Home is where the Heart and the Art is. For years, JP and I have been building and designing our front addition vestibule to mark a warm and inviting entrance to our home. Local passersby and neighbors alike have been watching the slow transformation with kind anticipation. We too are excited to make discernible progress, but as artists, we also take our time. Decisions often morph and evolve as our perspectives change, and with an artist's budget, development happens in steps and in between show seasons. After much contemplation, we have determined a medium and a design for the front gable! Rough sketches and renderings for this triangular front facade started with traditional shingles, to scallops to custom sun rays and bursts of waving patterns, all cut from wood. However, with some persuasion, JP enticed me to bring my indoor art to the exterior. With a few sculpted papier mache artscapes and a large fire screen under my belt, I have decided to take my technique to the peak, or in this case, to the front gable! That said, a ply board backer has been positioned, allowing me to sketch in place, my scrolling pattern of woody vines, blossoms and birds. And, of course, neighbors are already intrigued. Next, we take the boards down, and then I will begin applying the necessary layers to build my dimensional artscape. This will be a summer project as the heat of the sun will be my means of drying this large sculpt. Wish me luck as I will be juggling this project with all my other creative to-dos. For those of you who have been itching to see what's next, here's a sneak peek....

I will post photos of the finished composition when more of the elements are in place. As always, thank you for your patience and your support. We look forward to sharing more of our artistry, from the inside, out!

Happy Summer,
~ Johanna  & JP


* That's me in my owl apron, perching on our front scaffolding!


* No projector needed... I decided to just eyeball the layout from my printed rendering.


* I'm not a fan of heights, but the extra ladder made me feel more steady. Safety first ~ Thank you JP!


* Use your imagination here... There are a few elements that eventually will manifest!


* I'm reinforcing my rough sketch with more confident pencil lines.


* Looks like I'm about ready to call it a night!  :)


* Here's a snapshot rough of my graphic rendering over a photo to help us visualize the final look! The color palette consists of an aged turquoise with a vintage pistachio muted blend. The architectural vines will have a dimensional woody texture.

* And for reference, here's a peek at the "BEFORE".....


* Peek-a-Boo!