Saturday, September 24, 2011

Glimpse at some Ghoultide Goodies...

Finally, I have my one of a kind, papier mache, folk art characters completed and packed away for next Friday & Saturday's Ghoultide Gathering! I spent yesterday working on my display, choosing a few antique finds from around the house to take with me as props to this spooktacular show! To lighten the load, we opted not to take our large tabletop hutch with us this year, but you'll still be able to locate us by seeking out my jack'-o-lantern logo surrounded by a panache of black plumes! And, before I started to pack all my goodies away, I snapped just a few teaser shots to share. Of course, I will bring many more Halloween delights, so this is just a glimpse of what's to come.... Enjoy!  See you there!........

~ Johanna


* Hoot Hoot!....


* Love how this towering ghost, base chamber vase turned out!  He's just black & white and would be stunning as a year-round display piece.... Gosh, it's difficult to part with these guys.....


* Eeek, squeak!.....


* After much pondering, I decided to release these two pumpkin girl characters that are featured in full on page 25 of Phyllis Hoffman's Celebrate Halloween Magazine.... They are very dear to me, difficult to let go and tricky to put a value on. But, they will each be up for adoption and displayed on the same child's stove as seen in our photography in the magazine!


* One of many black cats, going along for the ride...


* A rare bat bust with wiry wings will be joining us too!


* I spy another owl alongside a mini-bust Jack....


* Just a peek at one of my favorite black cat candy containers....

* Caw Caw..... hoot hoot..... meow.... squeak.... boo......eek!  :)

SAVE the DATE ~ September 30th & October 1 will be here SOON!
To see these characters in their entirety amongst a table-full of spooky companions, (not to mention the amazing, awe-inspiring works of 30 other Halloween artists) make sure you make it out to the Ghoultide Gathering!  It's less than a week away.........

Designs and photography, © Johanna Parker Design, LLC ~ images may not be used without permission

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spirited Creations!...

I must admit, it has been a fruitful Fall season with various magazines showcasing the folk art creations that I make for Halloween! Well, here's a really fun one that I am just thrilled about! Phyllis Hoffman's Celebrate Halloween Magazine just hit the stands last week, and it includes a Designer Profile feature about me! You will find a 5-page story that takes you along my art and career path, and depicts the one of a kind characters that I am making today. JP and I had the pleasure of shooting our own photos for the feature, so once again, we are honored to have a sampling of our photography out in the public's eye. I hope you can spot this spooktacular issue at your local grocery or book store and thoroughly enjoy it! Many thanks to the friendly editorial staff at Celebrate for making this happen :)


* You can't miss the clever and comical coconut cake with ghostly eyes on the cover of this Halloween magazine!....


* After a few takes, JP got just the right shot of me and some of my one of kind Halloween characters!  I wanted to capture a soft blur of our Halloween firescreen in the background along with a glimpse of my striped stockings, me of course, and my creations ~ a tall request indeed when the subject matter is hugging the floor! (Glad I had a yoga mat and some pillows under that orange velure fabric for extra cush!)


* A pair of my pumpkin girls sit atop my vintage green tin child's play stove.....


* This black cat may look familiar as he has made a couple other fun magazines this fall! But, this is one of my favorite shots that we styled... I love the dramatic, fiery colors of the image.


* And to offer my thanks to Celebrate Magazine and their readers, I am sharing 2 of my illustrated Halloween characters with you! I suggested that they appropriately apply them as cupcake picks for parties as this magazine is all about yummy eats and decorating tips for special holiday occasions! So, make sure you pick up a copy for yourself for all the details on this easy-fun, festive project!


FREE Download HERE!
(for personal use only)
To license these designs, please contact Johanna Parker ~ Thank you!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Happy Halloween!
~ Johanna

Publication, © 2010 Hoffman Media, LLC
Photography, minus the cupcake image, by Johanna Parker and JP d'Andrimont

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Caught, Orange & Black-Handed!...

This afternoon, as I was intensely painting away, JP snuck in and started snapping candid photos of me at work! EEK! No chance for hair & make-up, and where was wardrobe when I needed them?!  Yes, he caught me orange & black-handed, working on the last few pieces in preparation for my two Halloween shows. My long work table is a happy Halloween disaster of characters waiting for a final touch here or perhaps a pair of arms there. Luckily, I have another bin of completed goodies, all ready to go. Just wish I was!.... You're probably asking, why I would even have time to post this. And well, when 9pm rolled around, my right hand was sending me less and less subtle messages to call it a night! Anyway, here's the proof that I am truly busy at work, getting ready for Halloween. We (that's JP and I, along with all the Halloween characters I am bringing to life...) hope to see YOU at the Ghoultide Gathering and/or the Halloween Trunk Show.......

~ Johanna


* Yes, looks I needed to change out my paint water, but who has time!


* A growing crowd of owls, jack-o'-lanterns, bats, black cats, crows, ghosts, a moon and a mouse, are almost officially done. I must say that they look more dapper than I....


* It's a funny feeling to be surrounded by all these spooky-sweet faces staring back at me!


* I take a quick moment to look up as I paint a ghostly black and white base chamber vase...

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Giveaway on Matthew Mead's Blog!...

In celebration of Halloween and our appreciation for our supportive readers, I am hosting a Giveaway on Matthew Mead's Website! ENTER HERE, read his post titled "A Halloween Giveaway!!" and leave a fun comment for your chance to WIN :)


It's this very same pair of Halloween tin horns that are pictured on page 22 of AUTUMN with Matthew Mead Magazine. They are from my 2011 Halloween Collection of delights, offered by Bethany Lowe Designs, and are featured in my "Trick or Treat" story...

Good luck and hurry on over to leave a comment on Matthew Mead's Website for a chance to win!

Happy Haunting,
~ Johanna

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

AUTUMN is here!...

...AUTUMN with Matthew Mead Magazine, that is...... I just received my copy before the labor day holiday, so I have had a chance to peek at the lovely fall-themed pages of this collector's book-azine. This issue has extra special meaning to me as I am one of Matthew's style contributors. Fortunately, I had the unique opportunity to document and share a very special Halloween event within its pages. Allow me to entice you with a few teaser images from my 8-page spread, but trust me when I say that it's best enjoyed in your hands and in its entirety!...


* Above, is a snapshot of Matthew's harvest-hued cover atop a grouping of mom's delectable sweets that she baked for her Halloween Collectors Event....


* Yep, that's me being my silly spooky self, standing before a table of my Halloween creations that I shared for an audience of passionate collectors...


* Who's that?  Well, it's Mark Craven of Craven Farm sharing his love for vintage Halloween collectibles to the Washington state Country Collectors Group...


* I spy the costume-bedecked Bruce Elsass of the Hobgoblins Collection in his yellow and black Halloween prints. A tease of Halloween collectibles leave you wanting to see more, I hope! And, look at mom's "Autumn Crow" folk art original pillow.... Sweet!

AUTUMN with Matthew Mead Magazine is an Order Only publication, so snag one for yourself today before they are all gone! CLICK here to Order Yours :) Of course, I am a wee bit partial to the Trick-or-Treat article starting on page 20, but the whole issue is a treat! Enjoy........... OH, and if you missed it, make sure to scroll down to my August 9th blog posting where I share additional photos that we took at this memorable Halloween event... If you have made plans to attend one of the 2 Halloween folk art shows I will be exhibiting at, please bring your copy with you, and I promise to sign it....

Many thanks to Matthew Mead once again for allowing me to bring this special Halloween story to you!

Happy Haunting,
~ Johanna

Photography © Johanna Parker Design, LLC & Matthew G. Mead Productions, Ltd.