Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spirited Creations!...

I must admit, it has been a fruitful Fall season with various magazines showcasing the folk art creations that I make for Halloween! Well, here's a really fun one that I am just thrilled about! Phyllis Hoffman's Celebrate Halloween Magazine just hit the stands last week, and it includes a Designer Profile feature about me! You will find a 5-page story that takes you along my art and career path, and depicts the one of a kind characters that I am making today. JP and I had the pleasure of shooting our own photos for the feature, so once again, we are honored to have a sampling of our photography out in the public's eye. I hope you can spot this spooktacular issue at your local grocery or book store and thoroughly enjoy it! Many thanks to the friendly editorial staff at Celebrate for making this happen :)


* You can't miss the clever and comical coconut cake with ghostly eyes on the cover of this Halloween magazine!....


* After a few takes, JP got just the right shot of me and some of my one of kind Halloween characters!  I wanted to capture a soft blur of our Halloween firescreen in the background along with a glimpse of my striped stockings, me of course, and my creations ~ a tall request indeed when the subject matter is hugging the floor! (Glad I had a yoga mat and some pillows under that orange velure fabric for extra cush!)


* A pair of my pumpkin girls sit atop my vintage green tin child's play stove.....


* This black cat may look familiar as he has made a couple other fun magazines this fall! But, this is one of my favorite shots that we styled... I love the dramatic, fiery colors of the image.


* And to offer my thanks to Celebrate Magazine and their readers, I am sharing 2 of my illustrated Halloween characters with you! I suggested that they appropriately apply them as cupcake picks for parties as this magazine is all about yummy eats and decorating tips for special holiday occasions! So, make sure you pick up a copy for yourself for all the details on this easy-fun, festive project!


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Happy Halloween!
~ Johanna

Publication, © 2010 Hoffman Media, LLC
Photography, minus the cupcake image, by Johanna Parker and JP d'Andrimont


Dan said...

Hey Johanna!

I found the magazine this past weekend and I loved your article! It was wonderful! You guys did a great job taking the pictures and it was fun to read the article!

Congratulations! I am very happy for you!


Johanna Parker said...

Thank you Dan!..... and an extra thanks for that nice email you sent me when you first spotted this magazine. LOVE your enthusiasm! You're a sweetie :)

~ Johanna

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

I'll have to go and find the magazine ~ Thanks for letting us know! Love your creations!
Cute pic, by the way!
Prim Blessings

Jorge de Rojas said...

Congrats once again Johanna. Ill have to pick up a copy. Love the cupcake toppers!


Jennifer Tobicoe said...

Congrats! Lovely photos!

Connie Porcher said...

I'll have to look this up! But, I can't find most of these publications in our little town. :-(

I will search!!

The Fanciful Elephant EmporiumThe Fanciful Elephant Emporium said...

Halloween cuteness rears it's orange and black head. You are just popping up all over! Congratulations. Just got my copy of Autumn with Matthew Mead. Great spread!

Cheers, Doodles

Johanna Parker said...

Thanks you guys! (and good luck Connie on your search!!)

Zombie Leah said...

I've already got this magazine, and I was happy to see your article! I just love your art!

Casarth-Bären said...

Ich finde deinen Blog sehr informativ ! Sehr schön !!! Liebe Grüße Ines

sandi davis said...

I have been looking for a black cupcake holder for months. When I saw it in the Phyllis Hoffman Sept/Oct Magazine I was so excited. Then it didn't list it in the back of places to buy it. Several of my friends want one too. Can you tell us where we can get the black cupcake holder??

Johanna Parker said...

Sandi, the image with the cupcakes and holder was the one and only photo that we did not shoot ~ it was taken in studio, so I don't have a source. But, I'll look into it and post it here when and hopefully if I receive more info...

~ Johanna

Robyn Ketzbeck said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing :-)

Robyn Ketzbeck said...

Beautiful design, thanks for sharing :-)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I just saw these on pinterest and was excited you still had the download! Thank you SO very much! Time to craft for Halloween! Hugs, Diane

Mariana Mill said...

Thank you so much; found it on Pinterest. They are just fantastic; so many ways to use them. Mariana

Johanna Parker said...

You're welcome!!!! :)

~ Johanna