Saturday, February 14, 2009

Be Mine....

Wishing everyone a heart-filled Valentine's Day!

Johanna, JP & Jack


Robert said...

Please stop by my blog for a special Thank you! Robert

evilkitty36 said...

J!! Happy V day to you, Jack and JP!!
It was our 18 yr anniversary yesterday and we had a wonderful day!! Hope you all had fun!
Love, Theresa & The Gang

Nancy Lee Malay said...

What a sweet, sweet kitty, Johanna!

Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day,


AwtemNymf said...

awww cute! A belated Happy Hearts Day to you as well! Love the shakers on the post below! Woohoo!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hey Miss Parker!! I love cats! And black ones! OMG! I wish my hubby did! Do you think I can sneek one in the house with out him knowing. I hope you had a wonderful "V" day. I wish you and you family well!!!!


Anonymous said...


That is a Adorable picture of Jack. :)

Happy belated Valentine's Day.


Johanna Parker said...

Glad you all like Jack's photo! He's such a poser :) It seems I am able to get him to pose as long as he's either sprawled out on a rug or a blanket.... But, if I try to set him down on the wood floor, he'll run off quickly... Funny guy! ( I think I have him figured out though! )

~ Johanna

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

What a sweet kitty Jack is I would love him too if he were mine:0


suzanne.artist said...

What a beautiful kitty, we have a black rabbit, she's getting in some beautiful soft brown fur lately, but I feel black animals esp. cats are special.

As much as I like viewing artist's work on their blogs, I love the pet shots too!

Suzanne Urban