Friday, October 2, 2009

Congrats to Enchanted Makeovers!...

After 2+ weeks of accumulating votes in Martha Stewart's Favorite Doer of the Week, it looks like we have a winner! Terry Grahl and her internationally recognized non-profit appropriately named "Enchanted Makeovers" takes the prize! Her organization transforms shelters for women and children into places of peace and possibilities - not just where basic needs are met, but spiritual needs for hope and beauty also. The award monies from this contest are well-deserved, and I had a hunch would likely go to fund her goodwill. I am certain she is making many people smile through her work. Congrats to you Terry! Keep on "do-ing" !!!...... :)

To all my friends and supporters dedicated in spreading the word about my nomination, I THANK YOU for your efforts... I came in at a close 2nd place, and am still very honored to have your support and the acknowledgment from both Martha Stewart and her team! It's been a thrill, and perhaps someday Martha will have me make or "do" something on her show! ... Just a dream, but then, that's what dreamers do! :) Again, I appreciate your generous votes and loving support!

~ Johanna

* Teaser pics from some of Terry's magical makeovers... Click on the image to visit her website...


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Johanna. You know what they say it's only the beginning. How many american idol runners up go on to do terrific things. Your talent is unparelle.
Congratulations to Terry and the wonderful works she does.
Have a fun Friday night & happy weekend...Tracy :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Johanna~Congrats to Terry, what a lovely organization! I agree with Tracy..your art is wonderful and you are on your way to bigger things..I just know it!

CCs Whimsies said...

Good cause, but I was pulling for you honey!

Sparky Charnas said...

JOHANNA!!! I'm so sorry... I JUST CAME OVER to vote. And now, I've missed it. I'm such a loser. I thought I had today to vote as well...

You are very gracious. As I would fully expect from your fantastic and beautiful self.

But, I am not so gracious. I'm going to firebomb Martha Stewart's headquarters right now. I hope that she likes fire for Halloween. She won't have to turn on the oven for baking.

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

How neat that you were in the running. I voted for you, of course.

It's only a matter of time until Martha has you on to share your goods..

Nancy Lee Malay said...

You're still #1 in my book, Johanna! Congratulations on coming in 2nd.

And, I, too want to congratulate Terry-she really has a big heart.

Dream on.......I can just picture you on Martha's show!

Anonymous said...

OH, I just thought YOU would win! Your folk art makes so many people smile including me, and that's truly award worthy.


Johanna Parker said...

Thank you ALL for your support :) It means a lot!!!!
( and Kevin, you're a nut!.....someone really should take those matches away from you.. hehe! )

We'll see what's next in the cards... for now, this has been a fun ride!

~ Johanna

Terry Grahl said...

My google alert went off and saw your wonderful post. Thank you Johanna!! This shows a woman with a wonderful heart and great character! God Bless You and Always Keep the Faith!

Terry ox's

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Hi Johanna,
You should be proud that you were a close second! I enjoyed reading your article in the Fall Celebrate 365 issue. I bought my copy today from Connie. Your work is incredible!!!


William Bezek said...

It was a close race, you almost had it! At least it went Enchanted Makeovers, that is nice charity work that they do! But you are still my fave.

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said... will always be a WINNER, Johanna!! ~~Trudy

Kitty Forseth said...

You are such an amazing artist and person, we all know that! Wow, second in a huge MARTHA competition, what a feat!

You and Terry each have huge hearts, congrats to you both! There is always that next surprise hiding around the corner!

xoxoxoxo Kitty, Madison & Ray