Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Goblins & Ghosties March in!....

The artists of EHAG were presented with their first Halloween Art Challenge of the year, "Goblins & Ghosties!" Oddly enough, I have never created a ghost before... So, this was a fun, outside-of-the-box project for me, and I willingly played along. As a result, "Ghostie Boo" was just born, and what fun I had creating him. You can find a variety of photos and details featuring this unique character on his corresponding eBay Auction page. Thanks to all for taking a peek and for kindly offering a bid if you are so inclined. I also invite you to visit EHAGart's Blog which we will continue to update with the various Goblins & Ghosties that our participating artists have created. ENJOY, and BOO to You!

~ Johanna

* Stylized wire arms of an ethereal nature, raise high and create a spooky sense while framing his sweet ghostie face...


* Recessed teardrop eyes mimic his ghostly form and tend to follow you as you pass by this spooky little spirit!

* A pair of spirits meet on his backside and create an eerily flowing effect.....

Designs & Photos, © 2011 Johanna Parker Design, LLC ~ Photos may not be used without permission


Cameron said...

Too, too cute!!! The sweetest little ghost I ever did see....even more than Caspar :)

Johanna Parker said...

OH thank you!.... He's my first ghost, so I'm just glad he is recognizable.... The sweet face certainly helps too :)

~ Johanna

Anonymous said...

Love your new creation!!!!

I wanted to invite you to participate in my current giveaway as you are always so generous with yours... :) Hugs, Melissa

Anonymous said...

Oh my ~ that's the cutest ghost I've ever seen!.... He can haunt me anytime!!!!