Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Door Prize Winners x's 3!...

I just wanted to thank ALL of you who expressed an interest in my new Zazzle Shop during these first 3 weeks of my Grand Opening! Your sweet comments regarding my new line of goods have been a joy to read.  So, my Door Prize Giveaway has now closed, and we just drew the winners. It always makes me nervous as I want EVERYONE to win. Alas, only 3 were plucked from a bowl full of orange slips of paper. Then, it was the majority plucked out of 3 tries for first place, and so on and so on. So, let's not wait any longer.....

1st Prize ("Boozazzle" Ghost bust original )goes to:   
Lory in San Carlos, CA

2nd Prize ( Limited edition Nut Cups ) goes to:
Jody in Brea, CA

3rd Prize ( Pair of Halloween cones ) goes to:  
Julie in Maple Grove, MN

Congrats to this trio of winners & thanks for playing along :)

Since Zazzle only shares with me your first name and location info, I do not have a way to contact you. If you could each please forward your order confirmation from Zazzle to me, that will be a perfect form of verification. Or hey, better yet, I'd love to see a photo of you and your JPD Zazzle goods! Whatever works :)  Thank you and congrats once again! 

Again, many THANKS to ALL of you who stopped in and collected something special from my Zazzle Shop! I so appreciate it, and I hope you are enjoying the goods. May they bring you many smiles for years to come!

* Quick photo add! After we drew the 3 winners we tossed all the slips of paper entries over Jack, and realized that we needed to snap a quick pic :)

~ Johanna


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners! Lucky you, and what a cute pic of Mr. Jack :o)

Carla in GA

LoryKT said...

Yipee! Just read your blog...the kat-kids are ab-so-lu-tely thrilled (as am I)! Still trying to get that purrfect pic of LilyPad & Mr. Moon ~ cats in da bag. Thanks!

Erin Tame Designs said...

That is an absolutely fabulous picture!

Cathy said...

Jack looks thrilled to have his picture taken. Or it could just be that he thinks you should feel honored to be allowed to take his picture. Hard to tell with a cat.

Kingfisher Farm said...

Johanna what beautiful photos! Could we see a panoramic view of your garden sometime?