Saturday, December 24, 2011

Best Wishes to You!...

Dear Friends,
Thank you for another fruitful year filled with whimsy, laughter and fun! Your encouraging words, delight and praise for the folk art I create truly make me smile and inspire new creations and ideas every day. It is such a joy to bring good cheer to one another through the passage of art, and I am so very grateful for this daily exchange. May you have a very Merry Christmas! And, as Jack and his chickadee friend below tout, may you have Peace and Good Cheer through the holiday season and in the new year!

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna ( and JP and Jack and his feathered friends! )


Len said...

Merry Christmas! That is one patient, or maybe very vain, cat. Have a relaxing and fun filled day.

Deborah Adams,Long Beach, California. said...

Merry Christmas Johanna! :-) As usual, love Jack's photo.

~ Deb

brandi said...

~good morning my friend...happy belated holiday blessings and good cheer to you..may 2012 open exciting new doors for you and continue to fill your spirit and muse with creative thoughts to create your magically sweet little are a gift and joy to each of us here...i look forward to catching up in the day to well and much love light and blessings shining brightly upon you and yours~