Monday, May 14, 2012

Works in Progress...

Just thought I would share a peek at what is in the works this month. A bulldog on a ball, a cat on a moon, a pinocchio-nosed jack-o'-lantern and a witch with a wild "do" are becoming fast friends in my workshop studio. More characters are underway, and I am pondering the idea of hosting a web sale with a summer carnival twist. We'll see! The current cast of characters may end up in the Halloween vault, but that's the beauty of these guys as they can swing either way :)  Stay tuned and please Join My Mailing list to receive my next newsletter with all the details!

By the way, if you are an artist, craftsman, painter, etc... What are YOU creating? Do tell.....

Best wishes,
~ Johanna



Martha said...

Ahhh!!! Too cute! would love a bulldog, or cat on moon for my collections! So excited you are busy creating! :)

Johanna Parker said...

Your enthusiasm is inspiring :) Thank you Martha, and yes, I am back to the workshop after a month of yard-overload.... LOL

I better go get busy!

~ Johanna :)

Autumn Moon said...

Hi Johanna!
I love your work! I am a big Halloween fan. I make Halloween luminaries, jewelry and paintings. If you would like to check out my work, here is my Etsy store just for Halloween and witchy things: and my main site is Looking forward to seeing more of your work as you create it! :) Brightest Blessings, Christina

Johanna Parker said...

Thanks for being a fan Christina, and thanks for sharing your creations as well.... The whimsical nature of Halloween certainly does inspire us :)

Best wishes,
~ Johanna

Anonymous said...

Halloween is only a handful of months away....can't believe how time flies.

Jody H.