Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flirting with Valentine's Designs...

Well, I found my way back to the workshop this past week! My space craved a serious cleaning, so I spent some much needed time clearing counters, organizing and sweeping glass glitter, mica dust, snippets of trims and papier mache remnants from the floor. After I completed the task, I began flirting with the idea to make a collection of characters for Valentine's Day! With the month of February fast approaching, my offerings in this theme will be small but sweet. I started by designing a new heart-themed paper hat, and yes, I made one for Jack, my cat, to wear as well! Yesterday, I completed that set of conical delights, and I know they will be the icing on the characters. And speaking of, I made a handful of heart-warming snowman heads who will don these whimsical fashions. In the mix, I also sculpted a very special standing owl fellow, which I believe I will name "Romantic Romeowl"....(a spin on Romeo)! I hope to have this collection complete by February 1st. Those of you on my mailing list will receive a newsletter announcing these affectionate fellows along with the time when they will be available. So, consider this a little FYI teaser as the sale will happen fairly fast as I hope to ship these guys out so that they arrive close to V-Day! Here's a sneak peek for now ~ Enjoy!

~ Johanna


* Based off of a rough sketch that I scanned, these hats were created in Adobe Illustrator. It was a fun project, and a great way for me to learn the latest version of this fun software. Here, the hats have been printed with fade resistant & waterproof inks, trimmed and shaped.


* After much manipulation of the heavy card stock paper, I crafted these cones into conical forms and glued them in place. It's a tedious process, as the hot glue cools quickly, and I must line up the graphics on the seam! I am always happy and relieved to complete this step!


* To seal the deal, I added my own sealant to each hat for stabilization and a long-lasting result. Illustrated hats are my thing, and I want them to last...


* A blend of two types of chenille stems in hues of red, mixed with pliers and a loving touch, produced a collection of sweet hearts!


* The delicate hearts serve as fashionable tips for these sweet hats. Now, I just need to paint the characters that will don these lovely things...


* And here is a peek at the faces that await their coats of paint, dustings of mica and red glitter trims.


* And here is a closer glimpse of my "owl in the rough" Romantic Romeowl holding his heart, awaiting his delicate hat and painted hues.

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Martha said...

So happy you decided to do some Valentine guys!!!!! I know I will LOVE them! :)


Johanna Parker said...

Oh thanks Martha!.... I am too! It was almost too late, but I snuck 'em in :)

~ Johanna

Grace said...

Luv!! Can't wait to see all Valentined up Grace xoox

Dan said...

I LOVE your Valentine's Day creations! Of course, I love all of your creations! I hope you are having a great week!


Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE The hearts! So sweet :O)

Mandy BlackCatPratt said...

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day, but your designs are so sweet. I love Romeowl especially! Can't wait to see Jack in his new hat - he always makes me smile. What a sweetheart!

Johanna Parker said...

Oh thanks Mandy.... hehe! I figured from seeing your name, that my black cat Jack would make you smile. I too have a fondness for black cats, clearly!

Glad my V-day designs put a new twist on the holiday!

~ Johanna

Elma said...

You just are soooo talented!!!