Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Festive Friends...

With our 11th Annual Holiday Folk Art Show & Open House just 3 days away, I have been in a frenzy to finish this year's collection of one of a kind wintery-themed folk art! Yesterday, I added the final touches to these special pieces, and squeezed in a little photo session to capture their whimsical spirit! For those of you that have asked for a sneak peek, here you go! I'd love to linger longer, but I need to decorate and transform our little cottage into a holiday shoppe!  Enjoy the photos..... And, for those of you that will be joining us, see you soon! And, bundle up!

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna


* My first elves are making an appearance this year! And, I created an elf bell ornament too!


* Of course, the holidays would not be complete without snowmen!


* A parade of holiday egg cup characters are looking cheery and sweet!


* A snow bunny and friends are looking quite festive...


* A trio of shimmery snowmen don my illustrated holiday hats!


* And, a half dozen bell characters are ready to jingle!


* Hoot Hoot, enter the owls too!


* A delightful snowman candy container stands tall and celebrates the season!


* Whimsical winter scenes with snow-covered chalets made an appearance on this holiday cat candy container and her 'lil snow-friend...


* Snow-Cone ornaments, each unique rest within my illustrated cones!


* A pair of sweet bears and a snowman gather together for the holidays...


* And of course, Santas are on their way!


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Leanne E said...

Wow-- so would love to be there... Have fun :)