Friday, December 7, 2007

A Collector's Hallowmas Decorations....

My dear collector friend Lyndy in California recently sent me these fun photos! She has a passion for collecting one of a kind Halloween black cats and has recently started acquiring a collection of my cat creations. With a clever eye and creative twist, look how she has combined her collection of Johanna Parker black cat candy containers within a holiday wreath! Here, spooky-fun black cats live in harmony with Christmas doves and winter delights! THANK YOU Lyndy for sharing these magical photos with us!

~ Johanna

* Lyndy's purrrfect Hallowmas wreath trimmed in festive bows, and an illustrated black cat candy box I designed trails below....

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Anonymous said...

Oooh its wonderful to see some of your past works owned by this collector! It must be like seeing old friends!Johanna, do you keep pictures of all the originals you have made? Will you be updating your originals section on your web site with more of your past creations? I love to look at them!

Johanna Parker said...

You're right!... It is like seeing old friends! And yes, I always take photographs of every creation I make, but my Gallery page is only a small sampling of the work I've created. I will certainly try to update that with more images next month or so. Thanks for asking!

~ Johanna

Kitty Forseth said...

Hiya Girlfriend!

I'll give you a lesson.. come on over! The paper folding is fun, and using all of the glitter, etc.. ohhhh.. tooooooo much fun!

Isn't it fun to see what Lyndy's done with your wonderful Halloween puddy tats? She has more of your work than I realized! Lucky Lyndy :).

Have a wonderful web sale, can't wait to seeeeee!

xoxo Kitty


Hi Johanna & Kitty TOO!

Sorry you girls missed Sinter Klaas Fest! It was WUNDERBAR!!! You can still visit the Santa Claus Site anytime though. It was a lot of fun & great International PR.

I won something from Germany for my blogsite Santa Claus Day presentation, I can't wait to see what it is.

Your whimsical Black Kitties look even more beautiful on your blogsite. You really do have that magic touch! I will be adding more of my favorite artist's original black cat artwork Christmas Cross Decorating to my blogsite for the holidays.

This is really fun combining the MAGICK Of HALLOWEEN with the ENCHANTMENT OF CHRISTMAS!!!

HO, HO, HO und Fröhliche Weihnachten, Lyndy

P.S. Thank you for the link & I finally got my links working, but photobucket's special effects are crazy today... 

Carolee said...

Wow - Its always fun to see how collections are displayed, and I really love this one! Thanks for sharing it, Johanna. :)

~ Carolee

DesignsbyCK said...

Lovely Johanna! :)