Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saturday is fast approaching!...


Just a reminder that this Saturday is Denver's 5th Annual Halloween Trunk Show! This free event starts at noon, so you can sleep in! But, don't be too late as you'll have more Halloween delights to choose from if you come when the doors open. I have lots more Halloween reproduction products before than ever, so I have been busy sifting through all the goodies, making displays and preparing for the big day. The graphic above is a fun collage of just some of those items I will be offering. Give it a click for a closer peek! And luckily, I just finished my collection of originals for this event thank goodness!

The Halloween Trunk Show
is an intimate gathering of Halloween artists and vendors of vintage style autumn-inspired goods. It's held in the squeaky-clean garage of Leo's in the historic shopping district on S. Pearl Street. The list of exhibitors is as follows:

Johanna Parker Design
Pearl Clothing
Rabbit Shadow Farms
Sam Robinson (show promoter offering vintage-style Halloween & harvest goods)
Cindy Haberman (papier mache folk artist)
Jeanne Mistek (handmade Halloween goodies)
Erica McNeish (serving her homemade German-inspired treats once again!)

You can visit my Blog Post from last year's Trunk Show Event to catch a glimpse of this festive harvest scene!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

~ Johanna


Patty Benedict said...

Looks like a wonderful show! wish I lived closer. Have a great show!
Bugs & hisses

Kitty Forseth said...

I'm thinking of you, sending energy! It will be fantastic as always, you must be exhausted. Hugs to you and JP, miss you guys!

Good luck with all you have going on!

Johanna Parker said...

Thank you both!

And oh ya~ I'm totally exhausted!... With the construction going on during the peek of show season, my head is spinning (and my lower back hurts!)....

Looking forward to mid-December!..... things should slow down then, I hope....

~ Johanna

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Your booth is just spooktacular!!!!

I knew it would be pretty - but I wasn't expecting such an elegant and posh exhibit.

I wish I could see it in real life, rather than just oohing and ahhing on the internet like a grubby little kid with his nose pressed against the toy store window!

By the way - congrats on the sales!

Johanna Parker said...

haha! Thanks Tristan, you grubby little kid :) Wish you could have been there too!!

~ Johanna

HopHopJingleBoo said...

thanks for the 'show and tell'.. looked like alot of great stuff! see you soon..your display looked fab!