Friday, October 26, 2007

Decorating Delights ~ Collectors Displays

As I've just started this BLOG revolving around my folk art and inspirations, I thought it would be great fun to feature some of my collectors' Halloween displays. I'd LOVE to see how you have arranged my creations amongst the comforts and decor of your own homes.

As it is the month of October, now would be the time to snap a few photos of your Halloween groupings, including some of my designs (originals, reproductions and/or both) and then email them to me at I will post them here on my blog down below along with your first name and location!

Thanks for participating and sharing!
~ Johanna

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* Jason's collection of both my originals and the vintage Halloween delights of yesteryear ~ Anaheim, CA

* Amber's collection of my originals ~ Paso Robles, CA

* more of Amber's collection of originals and Halloween reproductions

* Amber's hanging black cat shaker, a JPD original


* Melinda's Halloween decorating, Chattanooga, TN

* Melinda's Halloween tree with one-of-a-kind & reproduction ornaments


* Chris' collection of Halloween originals, Gulfport, FL


* Lory's collection of Halloween originals, San Carlos, CA


* Candy's collection of Halloween reproductions & her first original, Kenosha, WI


* Karen's collection of originals, reproductions & vintage treasures, Denver, CO


* Dave & Yvonne's collection of originals & reproductions, Highlands Ranch, CO


* Rod's collection of Halloween originals, Denver, CO


* Louise's collection of reproductions, Mobile, AL


* My mom's collection of my originals & reproductions, Woodinville, WA

I hope you enjoyed the peek! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
~ Johanna


Kitty Forseth said...

I love this shot! And I get to see the famous fire-screen up close! Cool little cauldron, I had not seen that before.

Thanks for sharing :).


DesignsbyCK said...

Great idea Johanna for your blog! Hope you get a LOT of pics!

Chris :)