Monday, October 24, 2011

Collector Spotlight: Mona in CA...

I have the pleasure of introducing to you another dear collector of mine. Her name is Mona, and she has been acquiring my Halloween (and Christmas) originals for a few years now! With a shared passion for collecting, she is great friends with Celeste, pictured alongside her, and it was Mona's bag that I mistakenly swopped with Gary & Sandy's bag at this year's Ghoultide Gathering! (Oh it's a small world which makes for a comical tale, now that it's in the past!) Mona's delightful collection is certainly sprawling with one of a kind Halloween collectibles from both myself and that of my fellow artist friends. Fortunately, Mona snapped a fun variety of photos to share, so sit back and enjoy as she opens her doors to us. Many thanks to Mona for offering this delightful peek into her home and for taking the time to answer my questions. :)


J:  How did you learn about my holiday folk art?  
M:  I met you at the  Halloween and Vine Show in 2008 and bought my first piece Dixie Dot.

( * I was excited to see just how many of my Halloween originals Mona has lined up in one spot! It's an impressive march of jack-o'-lanterns, cats, bats, owls and a moon, spider, bunny and crow! Also in the mix includes a Carolee Clark Welcome Dearies sign, a Tammy Strum tambourine, and a squash man by Laurie Hardin ).... You can click on this image for a larger view......

J:  How long have you been collecting my originals?
M: 3 years

( * I thought I would zoom in a bit so you can see these characters up close. So, here we are starting on the left end....  I do believe that the center cat pictured with illustrated hat is "Dixie Dot," Mona's first piece of mine! Thanks to Dixie's charm, it seems that Mona got hooked!)


J: What is it about my creations that captures your imagination?
M: I love that when I look at your whimsical creations they make me smile, some artists creations make me cringe when I look at them.  I am not into the dark side of Halloween I love the light side.  Halloween makes me think of my childhood and the fun it was going door to door trick or treating.  I also love the warm soft hues you use to capture the feel of Halloween!
J: I think you nailed it Mona ~ my art certainly focuses on the happy-spirited side of Halloween, and I want to evoke those sweet, nostalgic memories. I'm glad it's working!

( * Front and center on this shelf of characters is a proudly standing base chamber vase bulldog original of mine that Mona snatched up alongside the bat and moon cups at last year's Ghoultide Gathering )


( * A perching owl and black cat pair were likely adopted at the last Halloween & Vine I exhibited in, while Mr. Spider, a new character this year, was adopted at the 2011 Ghoultide Gathering. Mona likes to use wooden pedestals to elevate key pieces in her collection )


J: Where have you had the best luck in acquiring my original pieces; shows, web sales, Collector's Catch, eBay, etc?
M:  All of the above, I have found them at Halloween and Vine, Ghoultide Gathering, your Open House, web sales, I have been lucky a couple times and been able to snatch your catches and ebay.


J: Do you have a favorite piece in your private collection?
M: I don't have a favorite piece of yours, but Celeste does, she loves the candy corn egg cup cat on the ice box!  I have to make sure she doesn't tuck in her purse when she leaves.  ; )
J: That's too funny! Yes, do keep an eye on that little cat as he could be easily lifted when your back is turned :) (Speaking of, that cat is pictured in the image above, appropriately placed with an assortment of candy-filled jars and a fun squash character by Laurie Hardin.)


( * Halloween art has found its way to the kitchen island in Mona's home as well! Here, my reproduction Halloween horns (from my Bethany Lowe Designs line) surround an older tripod cat reproduction (from my Primitives by Kathy line) As always, I am in great company with the stunning platter by Carolee Clark, winking Jack by William Bezek and lantern-carrying JOL man by Scott Smith! OH, and I believe I spy a moon man off in the distance by Brandi McKenna...)


( * More fun characters dot the house as we come across another one of my older black cat egg cups joined by a group of friends from Jodi Battaglia. In the background a hand-painted handled-plaque by Elona Engelke and a decorated clock by Angela Walter set the spooky-fun mood )

( * 2 of my latest egg cup characters, including my first little mouse, are set aglow thanks to a whimsical lamp by Spookylvania! What FUN! )

J:  Is there anything in particular you suggest I try making in the future?
M: I would love to see you make a Halloween raccoon.  I just can see you doing one with it's natural mask.  Frankenstein would be fun!!!!  Halloween Bell ornaments like you make at Christmas.  Let me know if you need more ideas ; )
J:  Great ideas & yes, keep them coming! 


( * Perching atop an antique Victorian secretary is one of my original owl ball characters that I believe Mona was able to snag during a past EHAG Emporium sale. Paired with a Nicol Sayre black cat, they make a fun duo )


( * A wider view reveals additional creations by Lori Mitchell, Allen W. Cunningham, Vergie Lightfoot and Tammy Strum )


( * Above, a mirrored curio cabinet is lined with shelves of Mona's collection of Wee Forest Folk. "Best Witches" an original bust of mine proudly tops it off, while Scott Smith's Old Crone keeps watch )


( * On a nearby table, my one of a kind "31" bat takes cover under a whimsical Halloween tree!  And one of Laurie Hardin's signature orbs adds a touch of magic to the side )


( * Even a visit to the bathroom never disappoints at Mona's residence! My reproduction owl pail (from my Bethany Lowe Designs line) perches above an antique wash basin table which displays 2 handmade characters from Lori Ann Corelis.  Glowing above resides a witch and pale trio by Laurie Hardin)

I hope you enjoyed this Collector Spotlight feature! Please leave your comments for Mona below. She has graciously opened her doors to you, and I am sure she would enjoy reading your thoughts...
And once again, Thank You Mona for sharing. Both myself and my fellow Halloween art friends truly appreciate your passion for what we do!

~ Happy Halloween Collecting ~
 ~ Johanna ~


Anonymous said...

Wow Wow Wow, what a wonderful collection!!

....Amy :D

Light and Shadow Studio said...

I was so surprised and delighted to see Mona's fabulous Halloween collection highlighted! Mona and Celeste are two of my very favorite collectors and a chance to get a peek at all of Mona's wonderful Johanna Parker original pieces is such a privilege. Thank you for sharing this Johanna and a big thanks to Mona too. Loved it!

Johanna Parker said...

Indeed, it is wonderful, and Tammy ~ I'm glad you spotted this post as you are featured as well.... :)
It certainly is a treat to peek inside....

Happy Halloween collecting!
~ Johanna

Carolee said...

Eeeeeee- what fun! Mona and Celeste look amazing in their Victorian finery, and it's such a treat to see Mona's fabulous collection. She has a wonderful eye for Halloween collectibles, and they're displayed so beautifully!

It's also an honor to see my work in such good company. Thanks for sharing this!

♥ Carolee

Elma said...

wow!! What fun! I love all your treasures!! I feel very Blessed to have five pieces in my collection!! I can't wait for snowmen:) Thanks for sharing!!!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Mona and Celeste look amazing in their Vistorian dress and look like they are having a ball! What an honor to be able to peek inside Mona's collection and to see so many of your wonderful pieces, Johanna. Such a thrill to also see Mona mixing so many artists I admire so beautifully together, and thank you for tagging my works. You and Mona are the best! :) Laurie

Lee said...

Mona has such a great sense of style! Love how she groups treasures together-her home and collections are inspiring!
Thanks for sharing, Mona and Johanna!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks amazing Mona! You always do a fantastic job decorating! Don't forget to check my purse on my way out!! ;-)


Quentin Eckman said...

Wow! Amazing collection, adn a very cool interview.

*SHeRRy B* said...

I love it all!!

LYNDY WARD said...

Hi Gorgeous, long time no see...

WOW, Mona has a wonderful Halloween collection & very well displayed! I really need to get all my favorite OOAK Halloween Art Work dusted off & displayed beautifully. But I think I'll need more showcases as I lost count after 1000 pieces. But that's including vintage Halloween collectibles too...

Johanna you always have Enchanting Creations & PICS. Hope all is well & life has been good to you & yours.

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So put on your pointy hat & fly by my party when you can. Hauntingly Yours With XOs,
Lyndy & All My Black Cat Familiars

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Light and Shadow Studio said...

I did see a few of my pieces mixed in Johanna, and I was so excited to be in the company of your wonderful art. I really appreciate you taking the time to link them to my blog as well. I have a daughter who lives in Denver and one of my goals is for us to go to the show you do there someday. You are so clever and I adore your work.
Thanks again and Happy Halloween! Tammy

Amber said...

I LOVE all your wonderful Halloween goodies! I see some pieces I would LOVE to get my hands on! Lol Thank you sooo much for sharing is so much fun!

Kathy Ethington said...

Mona, your pieces are arranged to perfection as usual. I never tire of admiring all your wonderful displays. Love your photo of you and Celeste.