Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The BIG Day is Here!

Well, not only is it Halloween, but it's also my birthday once again....OH my! I figured that I better post something today as it is truly one of the most special days in my life...... It's the day my mother gave birth to me and now it's a day that I base much of my inspiration and art around. I often wonder what type of art I would be creating if I had not been born on Oct. 31st.......I guess I'll never know, but I am quite content with Halloween!

I dug this photo out of the archives... HA!.... Looks like I am about to make a wish as my super man brother ponders what birthday gifts he'll be receiving on Nov. 2nd! Yes, just two days later!.... And that fun jack-o'-lantern costume and cake bring back happy memories as well.... For me, Halloween is a day of whimsical costumes, sweet candies, Halloween cakes, presents and fun like no other..... It's a day you can be whomever you wish to be, where dreams come true and imagination runs wild! Have fun and savor the delights of this day and night as it's here but once a year!

~ Johanna

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Earth-Friendly Costume!

Well, we certainly had fun creating our costume yesterday! We recycled JP's 'ol broom stick jumpsuit which I painted a whimsical wood grain pattern on a few years back. He had the clever idea that he could be a TREE, and I would be his TREE-HUGGER! HaHaHa! So, we spent the afternoon decorating an old bicycle helmet with maple leaf branches, Spanish moss, birds and butterflies! We barely finished before the sun went down, dressed ourselves and spent the evening hugging each other at the Witches' Ball!
What fun! Here is a glimpse of our fun......... Now, go hug a tree!!!!!

(at home before our night out)

(me peeking through the leaves)

(My tree up close..... I sculpted and painted his gnarled twig-like nose....
Look at the little bird perching on his shoulder and nesting on his head!)

(more tree-hugging....Look at the orbs!)


Friday, October 26, 2007

Decorating Delights ~ Collectors Displays

As I've just started this BLOG revolving around my folk art and inspirations, I thought it would be great fun to feature some of my collectors' Halloween displays. I'd LOVE to see how you have arranged my creations amongst the comforts and decor of your own homes.

As it is the month of October, now would be the time to snap a few photos of your Halloween groupings, including some of my designs (originals, reproductions and/or both) and then email them to me at I will post them here on my blog down below along with your first name and location!

Thanks for participating and sharing!
~ Johanna

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* Jason's collection of both my originals and the vintage Halloween delights of yesteryear ~ Anaheim, CA

* Amber's collection of my originals ~ Paso Robles, CA

* more of Amber's collection of originals and Halloween reproductions

* Amber's hanging black cat shaker, a JPD original


* Melinda's Halloween decorating, Chattanooga, TN

* Melinda's Halloween tree with one-of-a-kind & reproduction ornaments


* Chris' collection of Halloween originals, Gulfport, FL


* Lory's collection of Halloween originals, San Carlos, CA


* Candy's collection of Halloween reproductions & her first original, Kenosha, WI


* Karen's collection of originals, reproductions & vintage treasures, Denver, CO


* Dave & Yvonne's collection of originals & reproductions, Highlands Ranch, CO


* Rod's collection of Halloween originals, Denver, CO


* Louise's collection of reproductions, Mobile, AL


* My mom's collection of my originals & reproductions, Woodinville, WA

I hope you enjoyed the peek! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
~ Johanna

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Horn Tootin'

I've started collecting the vintage Halloween horns as I love their graphic look and shape, and they inspire me as I create my own illustrated horns and hats for my papier mache characters. In a grouping like this one on my fireplace mantel, they are bold and eye-catching, playful and fun. The tallest one was just given to me as an early birthday gift from my mom, so it's starting to feel like a real collection!
Together, I feel that my one of kind art pieces blend well with the vintage novelties of yesteryear. The witch bust pictured actually appeared in my recent BH&G Halloween Tricks & Treats Magazine article, so she's had her day of fame, and I've decided to keep her. Perhaps I'll make similar witchy busts next year as I know many folks have asked if I'd be putting her up for adoption.....Anyway, this is just a little peek from my inspirations at home..... Go toot those horns in honor of my favorite holiday!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jumping on the Blog-Wagon!

Well, it seems that I'm about the only one out there that didn't have a BLOG yet, so the peer pressure pushed me to do it! He he! Plus, today, my EHAG friends at have been in a contagious frenzy to start blogs or help each other create their own, so here I am! Thank you EHAGers :-) I think this will be fun! I just hope that I can promise to keep my 'lil Blog up to date! Life is crazy-busy..... especially right now!

Be back..
~ Johanna

PS... Here's a pic of me & my man at the Halloween & Vine Show!.... I'm experimenting to see if the photo posts! Fingers Crossed!

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