Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, despite waking up to a chilly blanket of snow, the sun is now aglow, and it's turning out to be a sunny Mother's Day! In honor of my Mom, and all the other moms out there, I made this sweet graphic depicting a mom and baby robin. Notice the nervous worm, sneaking away... hehe!

Robins have been a reoccurring theme this spring in our family. While I was making my very first sculpted robin original this past March, my mom and family were being visited by a group of rather persistent robins, tap-tap-tapping on their window panes. The interactive visitation went on, hour after hour, for several days before they all flew on and away. Here in Colorado, I was well into my robin sculpture before I even knew what was going on at the Washington Parker house! So, there must be some feather-friended symbolism here, as a robin-themed long-distance connection was made! As they say, the universe works in very mysterious ways....

Sending SUN and SMILES and STORIES that delight your SENSES!

Best Wishes & Much Love,
~ Johanna

Happy Mother's Day Robins Johanna Parker