Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

.... To You and Yours.....


We woke up late this morning after a nice Christmas Eve family gathering the night before. We had our daily cappuccino and sampled some yummy Belgian chocolates sent from JP's mom. Then, I realized that Jack had not fashioned this year's Christmas attire. So, I scurried down to my workroom and pulled a snowman hat from last year's collection, added tinsel and ribbons. "Meow Meow" he kept saying as I added glue and trims. He always knows when it's photo time! For a collar, I recently found a vintage holiday style velvet choker in my grandmother's belongings. I hope she wouldn't mind Jack borrowing it for a holiday shoot! He seemed to like it! Anyway, JP and I snapped some fun photos, and this was our favorite! ENJOY, and have a Merry Christmas Day!

~ Johanna

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home for the Holidays....

Skies are turning gray and the temperature has dropped to a cool brisk chill. Snow is on it's way once again and just in time for Christmas! We are staying home for the holidays and keeping a close eye on our precious Jack who just had 4 teeth pulled. He's recovering nicely and is back to eating food again which is the best present I could ask for. Jack helped me add the finishing touches to our modest Christmas tree, sniffing and nibling on a few of the ornaments before they were hung! Afterward, I snapped a few quick photos for your viewing pleasure :) Enjoy and may your week be cheerful and bright! ~ Johanna

I love this vintage Christmas tree. As the story goes, my mother enjoyed it as a child, and when I was of the age to appreciate this time of year, it was handed down to me. As a child, I started collecting ornaments, and I looked forward to decorating my very own Christmas tree each year. Now, it lives in our home and travels around to my various holiday shows, displaying my ornament wares. A small vintage tree for a small vintage house ~ the perfect pair :) (and if you noticed and were wondering, I draped a simple chartreuse cover over my Halloween, firescreen!... One of these days I want to design another screen for the holidays too..... If only time would permit....sigh....)

* Various ornaments dangle from our tree. I spot a Primitives by Kathy snowman design of mine, and a Santa from my Bethany Lowe line.. How about you! I also love collecting the vintage glass baubles, and for some reason, I can never have enough! I love their rich, jewel-tone hues and simple patterns.

* And now I spot Jack roosting on the top of my most favorite red mohair chair!

* What a surprise it was to receive a special delivery from my fellow artist and collector friend, Robert Brawley! He created an original "Snow-Witch" just for me, and she is standing front and center under the tree amidst two of my reproduced snowbauble designs. Thank you Robert - Love that Halloween/Christmas crossover theme!

* A sweet paper ornament peers through the fluffy boughs of my tree. My dear friend and artist Kitty Forseth and her daughter Madison made a series of these adorable ornaments and sent them to us! They certainly add a sweetness to our tree each year :)

* I had to save the last reproduction "St. Nick's Snowy Ride" candy container for myself! They were going fast, and I wanted one for keeps! This fun duo will be available through my Bethany Lowe line next year. I think they sold out for this season....

* A single vintage tree from a yard sale sits atop an old box. I love the holly graphics, old green hues and mantel illustrations on this container. It belonged to my grandmother, and each year, she would open it and display the ceramic "NOEL" characters that lived inside. I must admit, I love the box even more! :)

* Another fun surprise arrived in today's mail from a sweet artist and collector friend, Theresa Micheau! It's a handmade primitive style Santa cone filled with berries and jingles and smelling divine! Jack thoroughly sniffed its cinnamon spice scent from all sides, and I believe it passed his test :) Looks like we'll be seeing more from Theresa and her "Chicken Scratch Primitives!" Can't wait!.....

* Here hangs an original snowman ornament I made for last year's winter collection. He wears one of my illustrated party hats, and I am glad I saved one for myself as it's fun to see what whimsical goodies my imagination has dreamt up from one year to the next!

* And, lastly is an original snowman candy container from this year's collection! JP and I were smitten with his sweet face, the tiny bird on the tip top of his hat and those yummy hues. So, he's our gift to US, and he proudly stands on our mantel overlooking the festive ornaments below.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Pack & Ship!....

What was I thinking to make such a large collection of goodies for my Annual Holiday Web Sale?! Did I forget that it takes me (and JP) hours upon hours to prepare all of the packages? Luckily, we got started on it right after I sold out, and the majority of the boxes are all ready to ship to my cherished collectors.... We had so many boxes to load into the truck that I thought it would be funny to snap a quick pic. Then, Jack came along and joined in on the fun. It's a tower of boxes all going off to unique homes for the holiday, and I am glad I had more to offer you all this time around. Thanks again, and enjoy the silly photo! ~ Johanna

* I was feeling a bit like Santa, so I put on his hat!...

Going Going Gone!...

Just wanted to express my gratitude to all of my dear collector friends who shopped my Annual Holiday Web Sale on Saturday! Judging from several conversations with you, hearts were racing and fingers were flying to snatch your favorite one of a kind via email! I am just amazed and thrilled that my work creates this frenzy of excitement! Trust me, it didn't used to be this way. I would post a sale, and then just sit there and wait and wait and wait. Wow, how things have changed, and I still have to pinch myself as this reality used to be just a dream. At any rate, I want to offer a big THANKS to all of you who have an affection for my originals, and I hope each creation brings you many smiles to come. For those of you who missed out, I really appreciate your efforts in trying and hope that I will be able to offer more one of a kinds soon. Keep checking my website into the new year, and perhaps you'll snatch a Collector's Catch piece.

Luckily, I still have 1 of each Santa Reproduction Collector Set available below: You can click on their images to see more details. Just email me if you would like to adopt a pair for your holiday home! I've signed each Santa too :)

* The "Santa Sampler Set" ~ Both were featured in Country Sampler's Christmas issue this year! The Santa at left is a candy container & from my Bethany Lowe Designs collection. The red belsnickel is from my Primitives by Kathy line.

* The "Vanilla & Red Belsnickel Set" complement each other and look great as a festive pair for your holiday table's centerpiece! Both join us from my Primitives by Kathy collection.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Are you looking for a special ornament to add to your holiday tree this year? How about one that jingles too? Well, I have just the collectible ornie for you! Take a gander at this sweet collectible Santa Ornament Bell painted in aged vintage pink and creamy white hues. He's a delicious-looking one of a kind ornament from my 2009 collection of holiday originals and the only one in this unique color palette. You can see more images and descriptions as he is on eBay this week. Click here to visit this Santa's auction page, and please place a bid if he's on your Wish List! Best of luck to you, and many thanks for your interest!

~ Johanna

* Either place him on a shelf of whimsical delights or hang him from your holiday tree!

* This soft pink Santa looks yummy with red and green accents too!

* And surprise!! He's a bell as well :)

* © 2009 Johanna Parker Design *Santa Bell Ornament design & photos are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission.

Monday, December 7, 2009

CATCH this Snowman if you can!...

Surprise!... I know it has been a while, but I just added a new Collector's Catch piece on my website! This sweet Wintry Snowman Egg Cup is the last from a small series of one of kinds that I created for this season. Now, he is ready for adoption! GO TO my Website to see details and be sure to click on the image for more views and descriptions. Please send me an email if you'd like to adopt this one of a kind snowman, and later I will update the page to reveal who caught this collectible piece!....

Thanks again for looking!
~ Johanna

UPDATE!.. Lory, who I had the pleasure of finally meeting at the H&V show this year, quickly caught this special guy tonight! :) THANK YOU! I know he's off to live in a whimsically-fun home!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Take a Peek Inside...

Ahhh, show season is now officially drawing to a close for me this year, and what a wonderful way to end it with our 7th Annual Holiday Folk Art Show & Open House. Despite the arctic cold snap we experienced all week, Saturday's skies were clear, and luckily, many of our friends were able to join us for this fun event including some that even flew in from CA! It was a joy to reconnect with many of you, and we were so happy to send you off with smiles on your faces! Many thanks to all for taking a moment out of your day to join us and support my folk art habit :). And for those of you who missed out on the festivities, you can peek at some fun photos below.
**IF you entered our Raffle, continue to scroll down to see if you WON!...

Cheers! ~ Johanna

* A festive front door welcomes guests on a chilly winter's day...

* That's me laughing at the 5 minutes I had to spare for a moment to sit before we opened the door...

*A cheery table display of my reproduction Santas, belsnickels and snowmen attracts shoppers as they arrive...

* A quick snap of JP sitting on the arm of my favorite red 1930s mohair chair.. "Lusheba".... Yes, I name some of my favorite furnishings :)

* A zoom on some of those delightful holiday folk designs of mine, offered by both Primitives by Kathy & Bethany Lowe Designs...

* My one of a kind holiday collectibles traipse across our mantel and below on the funky make-shift shelf I put together with odds and ends...

* Original snowmen sitter ornaments express themselves....

* A gathering of my one of a kind holiday characters await collectors...

* Me once again after a big sigh of relief as it certainly takes hours upon hours to prepare for this holiday event...

* More one of a kind holiday collectibles - each finding a unique home...

* A fun collection of my one of a kind bell ornaments dangle from a happy green feather tree...

* Jack nestles himself in basket filled with feather trees - how funny & rather fitting!

* A wide angle showing the various holiday displays in our front room...

* In the corner, I set up a sweet setting of my latest spring designs offered by Bethany Lowe... These goodies were marked down for the season, many finding new homes...

* A glance from our kitchen into our back sun room where I always display a double-sided rack of all of my illustrated notepad designs...

* A pair of reproduction candy containers frame a vase filled with aluminum tree branches and old glass ornaments. The beautiful cabinet which I named Deca was built by my husband JP years ago... I just love this piece!

* And a sweet original snowman egg cup whistles a holiday tune - or at least he does in MY imagination! He too found a new home this weekend.....

AND, NOW for the WINNER of the RAFFLE...................
I closed my eyes and tossed and stirred by hands around in Grandma's old coffee pot, and picked:


Vera Thorne! Congrats to you!!!

Happy Holidays to ALL :-)

And don't forget to join me on My Website this Saturday December 12th for my annual holiday Web Sale! I will have a dozen-plus originals to offer and an assortment of holiday reproduction collector's sets, so stay tuned. Please email me to join my mailing list for start times and details!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spotlight on my Home Show!...

I was excited yesterday to receive a nice note from the Editor in Chief of Vintage Indie Magazine, an online source for living a Modern Life with a Vintage Perspective -- sounds like me I thought! Anyway, she came across my site while perusing the web and wanted to post a fun feature about my upcoming Home Show this weekend. Obviously, we both share a passion for all things vintage, so I appreciate the spotlight on her blog! Anyway, go take a peek as I'm sure she'd love your comments! (and thank you Gabreial for the lovely feature....)

PS... My show is THIS weekend! Please join my mailing list if you would like more specifics!

~ Johanna

Note: Photo is from last year's home show event...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Hoot Hoot!...

For all of you owl lovers out there, I just posted a special one of a kind owl kettle cup on eBay! He's the only holiday-inspired owl kettle cup I made this season, so enjoy, take a peek by clicking on his image below, and thank you for your generous bids!

~ Johanna

* © 2009 Johanna Parker Design *Owl Kettle Cup design is the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission.

Save the (Right) Date!

Hi All.. So, with me in my frenzied state, preparing for our holiday open house this weekend, etc etc... I realized that I have been announcing the wrong date for my Web Sale which is a week from this Saturday! Thanks to my observant collector friend, my annual Holiday Web Sale will be on Saturday, December 12th.. (not the 13th) .. Thanks Martha M. for catching this! :) I think I've changed all the necessary graphics to reflect the proper date!.. Phewww.... Glad we got that corrected! So, save the date, and if you would like more details, including the sale's start time, etc.. please join my e-mailing list! I'll be sending out those details tonight! All the best...

~ Johanna