Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to You!...

Hello & Best Wishes to my friends in Blogland ~ Merry Christmas to you! Admittedly, I almost skipped this year's holiday photo shoot with Jack as this December has been one for the record books! Two days after our stellar 10th Annual Open House & Art Show, JP took his naturalization test and became an American citizen! After knowing him for over 20 years, it all happened so fast that we could barely catch our breath! Shortly after that, we ventured on a spontaneous road trip up and over snowy mountains to Vegas in order to see his dad get married! When we returned, we put our suitcases away along with all the holiday show props and rearranged the entire house! Now, I'm catching up on my books and all that fun year-end stuff that business owners have to do. So, fortunately, I woke up today with that creative impulse to make a felted holiday hat for Jack! And..... after a few shots, VOILA! As usual, he enjoyed the attention and hammed it up for the camera while we laughed and laughed! So, ENJOY and CHEERS to YOU! May you have a Happy Holiday Season, and many many THANKS for your loving support over the years.

~ Johanna, JP & Jack


* Merry Christmas from Mr. Jack donning his new red felted hat!


* What an innocent little fella....... (ya right!)


* Jack looks for Santa....


* Jack ponders what Santa will bring....


* Wish upon a star....


* What a poser!


* Have a purrrrrrrrfect holiday!

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Our 10th Annual Holiday Folk Art Show!...

WOW Wow wow! A decade long history of this very special event proved to be outstanding in year 2012! For those of you who attended, I must say THANK YOU. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your sweet comments and your patience as you waited in that long snaking line that meandered through our home! We knew we would have a crowd, but you really came out in droves to show your support and love for the art I create :) There were so many of you here the first few hours that our internet signal  was intermittently blocked! Hence, our holiday tunes playlist ceased to sound and our credit card processing was a bit finicky! Oh the logistics!  After such a stellar show and packed house, we are certainly going to have to fine tune our layout and planning so that next year will be, perhaps a bit less intense, yet just as impacting and hopefully even more FUN! Although we had no flurries to speak of, the weather was sublime which allowed for ease of travel. We had a handful of collectors fly in from both our nation's coasts, and I am so honored that my fans travelled in from both near and so very far to see me, my folk art and our home. Smiles were contagious, and I was just thrilled to see all of you! Next year, I PROMISE to order even more of my reproduction ornament and decorative treasures. I thought I was all stocked up after last year's sell-out, but once again you proved me wrong! So, I am already placing orders for next year. I was delighted to see that my one of a kinds were well-received and too were flying out the door! I have just 3 originals remaining, and if you can spot them in this post below, you are welcome to inquire! For those of you who missed out on this fun show, I am going to share a variety of photos taken right before and during the event. ENJOY!  And again, thank you so very much for making this an exceptional year! I feel very blessed.

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna


* Welcome! That's me stopping for a few seconds at my mantel of holiday originals. As usual, there we were, JP snapping a few VERY last minute photos of me right before we opened the door at 10am. My parents were rushing around in the kitchen arranging the treats, and OH, let me just tell what a HUGE help they were to us in the days leading up!  (Thank you!) Anyway, I basically ran through the house snapping all the photos that you'll see in following. It was wishful thinking to imagine myself taking photos 24 hours in advance.... Honestly, it was more like 24 minutes in advance! I think we were actually a few minutes late to open! As folks patiently waited outside in line, we were getting ready for showtime!


* This table of holiday delights greeted guests as they entered. Little did I know that this arrangement would create a crowding effect. We've had a few requests to border the perimeter of the main room with displays and keep the center more open. Mom suggested placing just a tree loaded with ornaments at center. I would appreciate other suggestions as well....


* These are my sweet little snowman cups, offered by Primitives by Kathy...


* More of my holiday figures from Primitives by Kathy group together on an old red stool...


* A different view of that center table display in our front living room...


* Collectible snowmen & Santas from my Primitives by Kathy line await shoppers....


* Look at all the winter whimsies! And yes, I had more goodies to restock with. Yet, afterwards the tables were bare by afternoon... I will be ordering even more next year!


* I know, I know... I'm kicking myself for not ordering more of those delicious mercury bauble bottle brush trees. They've now been discontinued, but Bethany Lowe Designs will have new, vintage style trees for 2013, and I promise to order them!


* Shake, Shake! We had a pretty white feather tree festooned in my exclusive ornament rattles that will debut next year from Bethany Lowe Designs! I had 30 of each design, and that was clearly not enough... More are already on order, and I will sign them and offer them again next time :)


* On display, we had my Artisan Story feature in the Christmas 2012 issue of FOLK Magazine!


* Santas, belsnickels and snowbusts clustered together, all from my Primitives by Kathy line...


* My Cozy Scarf snowman was quickly snatched up once shoppers flooded in!


* Lots of holiday eye candy had us all in a dizzy tizzy!


* Santa & cardinal bird illustrated charms were just some of my new necklace designs I had available for shoppers...


* Another view from the front door...


* Sweet snowmen suspend from an old plant stand...


* I had my mom's childhood Christmas tree filled with my new illustrated Santa candy boxes!


* My old dress form lamp doubled up as charming spot to display my latest holiday necklaces...


* Shimmering charm necklaces for all ages....


* My Santa clip ornaments from Bethany Lowe Designs group together in an old pottery vessel...


* You can almost hear the cry of delight from this new snowman stocking ornament of mine!


* Our mantel was strewn with over 30 of my one of kind holiday collectibles!


* This sweet collection of one of a kind snowmen sat front and center, 2 of which now live in California and another in Ken Caryl, Colorado!...


* The tall snowman candy container found a new home in New Jersey while the white kitty ball character left for Utah...


* Look how sweet the owl, Santa sitter and reindeer characters get along!


* Fa La La says the sweet snowman, balancing atop a decorated ball!


* "Minty Sweet Marco" an adorable 5.5" tall mini snowman bust is still looking for a home. If you're interested, he's $275 plus shipping. EMAIL me for more details!
(Marco just SOLD to Sammie in TX ~ Thank you!)


* Ring-a-ling-ding! All my original ornament bells are ringing in new homes today!


* Thank goodness I had some fun frosty characters to distract us all from the unseasonably warm Colorado weather!


* A delicate snowman egg cup raises his arms and spreads NOEL...


* One of a kind reindeer in different sizes were both fun to create and share with collectors!


* This candy sweet mouse egg cup is still available as well! I think he would look charming in our home, but I am willing to part with him if you wish. At 5.5" tall he is $435 plus shipping. For more details,  and to reserve this piece please EMAIL me....
(Sorry for my delay ~ The Mouse Egg Cup has SOLD ~ Thank you!)


* A sweet crossover holiday bat sitter sings a spooky holiday tune!


* EEk, it's a Christmas mouse! Ice Skate Kate was one of those "hard-to-part" with pieces. Actually, they all were :)


* A blushing Santa shimmers in holiday delight alongside a sweet snowgirl....


* Painted ice skates dangle from this cutie-pie snowgirl egg cup...


* And, then there's "St. Nichowlas".... He's also still available, but I must admit that I am very partial to this hoot-hoot! He stands at 8.5" tall with delicate feather detailing and lovely painted patterns that surround his hat and base. Gosh, for the right price, I maaaay be willing to let him go. So, if he's calling to you, please EMAIL me with your Best Offer. And, I can certainly offer more photos to you! I love this piece, so I may reserve the right to keep him, but, again, twist my arm if you wish....  Thank you!
(OK, OK, my arm has been twisted! St. Nichowlas the Owl has sold for $1500...Wow! and many thank you's to ALL that took notice & placed bids so quickly! I know this was a short, spontaneous sale, but Christmas is fast approaching, and I want to get these goodies shipped out!) I so appreciate all of your interest & affection for my folk art :)


* The first of my collectors enter and head straight for my mantel of originals! More and more folks enter and choose their holiday favorites!


* Happy shoppers make me smile too!


* Ooohs and ahhhhs...... :)


* I begin the process of wrapping all the goodies collected!


* In our bedroom, my mom and I created a fun display of my early art. An old suitcase housed samples of my folk art that I created from age 12 to age 21!


* Our kitchen was filled with salty eats, sweet treats, and.....


* Hot cider on our old vintage stove.....


* Outdoors, guests were greeted with our funny pink and black covered cottage!  Perhaps next year, we will have things looking a bit more finished....But, I can guarantee that the process of remodeling our home by ourselves will take time. And as artists, we want it just right!


* The old green door has about had it! The new door will be arched as you can see by the outline of the greenery garland... Maybe next year it will greet our guests.... I hope!!!!


* Red baubles hang from one of our newly planted fir trees....


* Decorated trees in our rolling landscape are surrounded by fields of clover, still green despite winter's frosty nights.


* Feeling the push for time, I decorated this spruce tree by the midnight light of a full moon...


* And one more glance at our cottage reveals some progress made, but use your imagination! And, wish us well so that we may manifest our vision for a storybook house!!