Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Ghoultide Tease...

Well, I spent half of yesterday photographing my originals for this Saturday's Ghoultide Gathering! It's always helpful for me to document what I have created. I find it quite fascinating to compare my work from year to year in order to see just how much I have progressed. The funny thing is, with all the practice I have accumulated over the years, one would assume that I would be speedy fast at creating my one of a kinds by now. Ha! However, on the contrary, I keep raising the bar it seems. So, my creative process from start to finish tends to only lengthen with time! (Darn, I'm thinking....No wonder I cannot keep up with all of those special orders) Anyway, while I was photographing each piece, I pulled out my macro lens and took some fun close-ups. You'll have to use your imagination to fill in the blanks, or better yet, attend the show! For now, here is teaser featuring just a handful of the Halloween collectible originals I have created for this very special event. I hope to see you there! And let me tell you ~ my Halloween papier mache characters are anxious to meet you and perhaps just hop into your shopping bag to be swept off to your home :)

~ Johanna

* Just one of the several owl-themed originals I sculpted for this event....

* This sweet little bat kettle cup turns out to be "JP's Pick!" He begged me to keep it, but this bat was created for the Ghoultide Gathering. So, I said I'd make him a similar one, someday... hehe....

* I had fun posing various pieces together, and I really loved how this scene turned out. It reminds me of Little Miss Muffet... They are sold separately, but I think they look pretty sweet together :)

* Looking up at "Wicked Wanda"..... the one of a kind witch candy container...

* Of course, I had to sneak in one of my signature black cats!

* A sweet jack-o'-lantern candy container offers a charming smile!

* For all you dog lovers, this guy turned out pretty neat! But, you'll have to see him in person to get the full perspective on "Spooky Sparky" ~ a double vase/candy container with secret chamber below.... Shhh, it's a secret!

* Whimsical candy corn carrots decorate this black Halloween bunny's kettle cup...

* A pair of spooky skellies seem to scare each-other's socks off! BOO!

* And a sweet witch bust finds me feeling bewitched.....

© 2010 Johanna Parker Design *All photos are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Delighted, times two...

Finally, after what seems to be countless days and months chipping away at my work, I am so delighted to reach the "finishing touches" portion of the process in creating my collection of Halloween originals for next Saturday's Ghoultide Gathering! (Wow, that was a mouthful!) I spent yesterday afternoon sewing crepe paper collars, making bow ties and adding glass glittered accents to various pieces. Admittedly, I have been nervous that I wouldn't complete what I had started. Distractions have been popping up throughout the month in every possible direction, but I am finally seeing the light at the end of the corridor. Last on the list is to photograph each original so I can remember these fun characters before they find their new homes. Well, then I have to tag, price and safely wrap them for their journey ahead, and I'm sure I'll find a million other things to do between now and then! The to-do list keeps growing while the clock ticks.....

Speaking of being delighted, I was also happy to open up my new copy of the Prims August 2010 issue by Stampinton to see that my "Delightful DoraWeen" made the Gallery! She is a sweet papier mache witch candy container that I created earlier in the year, and as usual, as a very last minute submission! Luckily she made the cut, and now I have to decide if I am willing to sell her or perhaps keep her for myself. I'll make that decision once she safely arrives back home. I will include a sneak peek below, but to read more and see all of the various artists' creations, you can order your copy of PRIMS here.

* A peek at page 124 reveals my "Delightful Doraween".....

* Look for this cover at the book store!
There is also a lovely tribute to the talented Penny McAllister who lost her life to leukemia earlier this year. She was a cherished member of PFATT, and the Last Page is dedicated to her and includes an image of our PFATT's Penny Feather Tree, loaded with handmade ornaments in her honor.


And, just a note: For those of you hoping to adopt one of my originals at the Ghoultide Gathering, I will be bringing my tall black cupboard hutch to house my collection. Just look for the Johanna Parker Design pumpkin logo at the top center, and if you don't see that ~ well that means, I left it at home by mistake! Let's hope I am more organized than that! OH, and I cut my hair off too! (not ALL of it, but about 6 inches at least...)

See you soon, and enjoy the Prims sneak peek as well!

~ Johanna

Magazine images, Copyright 2010 by Stampington & Company, LLC

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ghoultide Gathering, here I come!

Wow, it has been a whirlwind month to say the least! The end of September is nearing, and so I am on my last final stretch to complete this year's collection of Halloween originals. 2010 will be my first time to exhibit at the acclaimed Ghoultide Gathering on October 2nd, and I am looking forward to this magical experience! Between now and then, expect to hear very little from me as I work work work to complete all the goodies I have in store! In the meantime, you can read a short Q & A about me and my folk art. Hop on over to the Ghoultide Gathering's Blog and click on my witch to read more!
Enjoy, and I look forward to seeing many of you on October 2nd!

~ Johanna


Monday, September 13, 2010

A Peek at the Halloween Trunk Show...

Thanks to all who saved the date and came out to join us at Denver's 5th Annual Halloween Trunk Show! We were blessed with a beautiful day and many smiling Halloween fans. This year we had a handful of collectors fly in from out of state to adopt my one of a kind creations, so that was a treat to connect in person at the show! And of course, it was a pleasure to see so many of my local collectors who have been so very supportive of me over the years. :) For those unable to attend, here is a peek at this fun event, and I welcome you to join us next year! It took me extra long it seemed to set up my booth with all the new products I had this year. So, I only had a few minutes to spare right before the doors opened to snap a few pictures. And, I just realized that I never went out front to snap a shot of our garden vendor, and I wish I had! Obviously, I was a bit frazzled ~ typical!! Nevertheless, enjoy the images I was able to capture. And a big thank you to Leo of Leo's Automotive for offering his squeaky clean garage to us!

~ Johanna

* A peek at my front table with Halloween candy jars, party hats, candy bowls and festive plates...

* There's me looking a bit tired after all the set-up!

* An overall shot of my Halloween display...

* An owl bucket, candy corn ornaments and Shreik the Cat pose for a picture...

* My "charming" 2-sided necklaces hang from the wire frame of an old 60's lamp shade. These were a big hit!

* The before picture of my corner cupboard filled with my Halloween originals.
(only a trio left at the end of the day, so I better get BUSY for Ghoultide!)

* More of my Halloween reproductions on display including decorate wall plates, candy pails and candle box lights...

* There's JP waiting to help our first customers of the day....

* My owl candy bowl offered by Bethany Lowe Designs is one of my favorite reproductions!...

* There's Sam Robinson, event coordinator extraordinaire, along with her eye-candy Halloween goods....

* Sam's jams and a fun mix of vintage finds and handmade treasures...

* More Halloween novelties entice shoppers in Sam's booth...

* The girls from Pome in Denver, always looking festive for the season...

* All sorts of treats draw you in to Pome's display...

* Loving these vintage style Halloween masks from Pome...

* Some cozy, wearable goods from the creative and clever Kirsten Coplans of Pearl Clothing...

* Collectible papier mache delights, handmade by the talented Cindy Haberman...

* A collage of Halloween goodies greets customers at Jeanne Mistek's table of crafty delights...

* And as dessert is always saved as the best for last, Erica McNeish, our culinary queen, never disappoints! Check out all of her delectable yummies....

* Adorable mini cupcakes by Erica - yummmmmm....

* Individually wrapped iced cookies and yummy pumpkin cream cakes were hard to resist.... She always adds an extra sweetness to our holiday events!

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Again, many thanks to ALL that came out, and I invite you and yours to join us next year ~ it will be here before you know it!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saturday is fast approaching!...


Just a reminder that this Saturday is Denver's 5th Annual Halloween Trunk Show! This free event starts at noon, so you can sleep in! But, don't be too late as you'll have more Halloween delights to choose from if you come when the doors open. I have lots more Halloween reproduction products before than ever, so I have been busy sifting through all the goodies, making displays and preparing for the big day. The graphic above is a fun collage of just some of those items I will be offering. Give it a click for a closer peek! And luckily, I just finished my collection of originals for this event thank goodness!

The Halloween Trunk Show
is an intimate gathering of Halloween artists and vendors of vintage style autumn-inspired goods. It's held in the squeaky-clean garage of Leo's in the historic shopping district on S. Pearl Street. The list of exhibitors is as follows:

Johanna Parker Design
Pearl Clothing
Rabbit Shadow Farms
Sam Robinson (show promoter offering vintage-style Halloween & harvest goods)
Cindy Haberman (papier mache folk artist)
Jeanne Mistek (handmade Halloween goodies)
Erica McNeish (serving her homemade German-inspired treats once again!)

You can visit my Blog Post from last year's Trunk Show Event to catch a glimpse of this festive harvest scene!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

~ Johanna

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Collector Spotlight!...

Please join me in welcoming my second guest feature for my new Collector Spotlight series! Robert Brawley, also known as "The Halloween Fanatic" has been collecting my original art and "twisting my arm" as he likes to call it, for a few years now! After he first introduced himself via email, it didn't take long for me to realize what a passion he has for the holidays, especially Halloween. Along the way, he too has delved into the arts of crafting in various clays, and you can peek at Robert's creations here. For now, enjoy the images he has taken of his private collection along with a little Q & A below!.......


J: How did you learn about my Halloween folk art?
R: I found out about your work online, and originally I had special ordered an owl, then I saw your bulldog, and knew, I had to have one that looked like my dog Twinkle!


J: How long have you been collecting my originals?
R: Since 2008, my dog Twinkle being the first original, and after that I was hooked!


J: What is it about my creations that captures your imagination?
R: The whimsy, graphic design, and detail that goes into each wonderful piece.


J: Where have you had the best luck in acquiring my original pieces;
 shows, web sales, Collector's Catch, eBay, etc?
R: Special order originally, but then through web-sales, Collector's Catch, and at one time at Frame by Frame, a wonderful shop owned by artist Rodney Leeseberg.


J: Do you have a favorite piece in your private collection?
R: This is always a hard question because it is almost like picking your favorite child. However I think Twinkle is my favorite! I do love the pieces that my wife has picked up for me as Christmas and birthday presents too. Lily Luna, even included an original illustration of her, by you, very special!


J: Is there anything in particular you suggest I try making in the future?
R: I would love to see Johanna Parker Skeletons! I think you could make some amazing skeletons, with your talent!


Thank you Robert for sharing your Halloween collection and spooky fun display with us! My illustrated plates on the wall (offered thru Bethany Lowe Designs) were a fun bonus to see and really make things pop! And, you were clever to request those special ooak commissions when you did as now MY plate has been a bit too full to chip away at other requests. (fingers crossed time will be more forgiving next year!) As always, I appreciate your support in my artistic endeavors and I wish you the best in yours!

~ Johanna

PS: I am anxiously awaiting more fun images from my loyal collector fans out there, so please don't hesitate to share your photos with me! I know some of you still need to decorate, so when you're ready, send them on over. I hope to showcase a few more collections before October 31st strikes! Many thanks for your support and interest in my original work :) I look forward to sharing your collections with my reader friends.