Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy o'Natural Easter!...

It's EASTER! ~ well minus the bangles and beads, bows, collars and party hats! I hope you all are not tooooo disappointed, but Mr. Jack wanted to fashion his o'natural side for this spring holiday. Next time around, we hope to be a wee bit more creative when it comes to sprucing up for the season. But speaking of,  JP and I have been busy-bees, sprucing up our landscape, carving and shaping berms, setting stones and creating rock walls around our property. It's starting to take shape! The goal is to sew clover seeds by the end of this week which will create a whimsical carpet of green while retaining our soil before the spring rain falls..... So, we're practically racing against the clock to get things in place and ready for the next phase! I promise to take photos soon and will share them here with you. The word from passers-by has been very positive and inspiring :)


Anyway, we are just "peeking" in to wish you a Happy Easter! Now, we're off to go hunt for more rocks and play in the dirt....

Best Wishes to you!
~ Johanna