Monday, September 23, 2013

Save the Date!

Join us at Denver's 8th Annual Halloween Trunk Show on Saturday, October 5th from Noon - 6pm! Admission is free, so bring your family and friends. What an enchanting way to spend a Saturday afternoon, celebrating Fall... Cast your peepers upon artisan vendors offering hand-crafted delights, vintage finds and botanicals. And, enjoy tasty homemade treats by Erica McNeish! I will be offering a medley of my signed Halloween reproductions, along with an array of my one of a kind Halloween originals! See you there...



Happy Haunting!
~ Johanna

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Collector Spotlight: Kristen, the Midwesterner in NC...

It's time to inspire you to dust off those boxes and bins of Halloween decorations and festoon the home with orange and black delights! Fortunately, my collector friend, Kristen in North Carolina, is kick-starting the season by sharing with us her collections of original Halloween delights. She is my first Collector Spotlight feature for fall this year, and she is graciously sharing a variety of photos, taken around her lovely home. We had the pleasure of meeting in 2008 when I was exhibiting at the Halloween & Vine, and we have crossed paths a few more times at various Halloween art events! I am always humbled and of course, overjoyed, when collectors make the journey to my events to meet me and collect my work in person! Kristen has made the journey several times, and I look forward to seeing her again! Many, many thanks to you Kristen for being such a dear fan and friend and for opening your home to my blog readers. Now let's get started with some eye candy and a Q & A...


J: How did you learn about my Halloween folk art?

Kristen: In 2006 I was invited by another artist I collect to join the Eclectic Halloween Artist Group (now Guild), called EHAG for short. It was around that time that I was moving from just collecting mass produced Halloween art to originals. This was back in the days when eBay was king for collecting, before things like Etsy and blog sales. You came on my radar because you were an artist member of the group. 

J: How long have you been collecting my originals?

Kristen: In 2008 I scored a business trip out to California at the same time as Halloween and Vine (H&V). I was filled with excitement to see all kinds of Halloween originals together in person. I knew I wanted something from JPD and had fun anticipating what I might find at your table. I literally had to push my way in to get a look. Owls, ravens, and crows have been Halloween favorites of mine so it was no surprise that my first JPD treasure was "Luna Plume," a candy container with a feathered friend top. I was hooked with that first piece.

J: Ahh, yes, I definitely remember that day and what a pleasure it was to meet you! I think you were all decked out in Halloween accessories - maybe fuzzy black kitty ears - and you gave me a homemade taffy treat! I do recall you snatching up the black crow piece, and also admiring his owl-themed hat!

* And there's "Luna Plume" - the inspiration that started Kristen's JPD family of Halloween originals!

* From Left to Right: "Powlie Panache" perched owl by Johanna Parker Design, baby mummy by Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions and of course "Luna Plume" by me again. Grouping spooky fun characters, created from a handful of today's Halloween artists, is a fun way to show the individuality and style of each artist while expressing the common, imaginative theme that we all share!

J: What is it about my creations that captures your imagination?

Kristen: Your creations are addicting. I’ve read articles in magazines about how you create your pieces but they leave out the part when the “addiction powder” goes in the paint . I like how they are inspired by the past but not copies of the past. I love how they feel solid, but not heavy in my hands. I like how you incorporate non-traditional Halloween creatures such as mice and bunnies. I enjoy seeing new twists come out every year – new colors, adding wire, etc. I like how they have a distinct look so I can immediately tell them apart from other artists. I also enjoy whimsy and your pieces have that.

J: Wow, thank you Kristen! I got a chuckle from your "addiction powder" comment!  :) You're not the only one that has made a similar remark like that. I'm always under an artist's spell when I paint my pieces, perhaps lost in a whimsical land. Hours can pass by while I paint various details. So, I'm not quite sure what magic is in that paint, but I guess it's working! It has me addicted too!

* Close up of "Powlie Panache" - notice the word "owl" in "Powlie"..... :) I can get carried away with naming my originals!

* Kristen obviously has a flare for Halloween decorating. The fun doesn't stop at the shelf... Notice the dramatic shawl-draped lamp, table runner, wall painting and rug! She's a on roll and all pleasingly arranged to create a Hallow-moody nook...

J: Where have you had the best luck in acquiring my original pieces; shows, web sales, Collector's Catch, eBay, etc?

Kristen: Every original piece I have is from a show. I’ve been to H&V and Ghoultide Gathering shows several times. I love shows and taking in all the options. Having you or JP hand the bag over to me is the best. I also love the excitement of seeing other collectors snag new goodies for their collections. 

J: I have to agree that being caught up in the excitement of a show is certainly more memorable. And meeting collectors like yourself is always a treat!

* A delicate owl egg cup character of mine cozies up with other haunting collectibles by fellow Halloween artist friends that I too, have the pleasure of knowing!

*  From Left to Right: "Veggie Vampire" and pumpkin painting by Laurie Hardin of Monkey Cats Studio, Owl Egg cup by Johanna Parker Design, Orb by Laurie Hardin and Zombies by Sheila Bentley of Prim Dolly

J: Do you have a favorite piece in your private collection?

Kristen: It’s not easy to pick just one, but it is "Hootin’ Newton." Owls are one of my favorites, and I love the big “31” on him. I also like his festive neckwear. Luna Plume is special too because she was my first piece and she has an owl on her hat. 

J: I may have to agree with you - "Hootin' Newton" is one of my faves too with his bold, graphic look and big orange eyes! I really love how you arranged the five original ball characters, pictured below...

* As an eye-catching center piece, Kristen uses a spooky cake stand and a black pillar candle to create various levels of intrigue. At each quadrant, she places one of my original ball characters and tops it off with her favorite owl piece, on center! What a clever arrangement :)

* "Spirited Sam," ghost ball character, raises his wiry arms in the foreground, while off in the distance you catch a glimpse of a festive feather tree, adorned in Halloween ornaments!

* A spider web table cloth pulls this Halloween scene together while you are greeted by the grinning "Batrice the Spider Keeper! " Look beyond to see even more delightful decor filling her home with Halloween magic!

J: Is there anything in particular you suggest I try making in the future?

Kristen: Yes! I love vultures and you could make an awesome vulture character. I can just see a kindly craggy looking one perched on top of a ball. I’d be first in line to adopt him. 

J: That's a fun idea Kristen! I too am fascinated by birds, as they are certainly interesting subject matter for the imagination to unfold. I think I may know where my first JPD vulture will be flying to :)

* Dining Room Table, Left to Right: Cupcake by Scott Smith of Rucus Studio, Standing Cake by Amelia Schaefer of Sweet B Folk Art, Carmel Apples by David H. Everett of Chicken Lips, various Halloween ball characters by Johanna Parker Design and Candles by William Bezek.
Accessories: Candy apples are on a Bruce Elsass Hobgoblin plate. Cake stand is from Pottery Barn - 2011

Chronology of Kristen's Johanna Parker Design Collection:

2008 – Luna Plume, candy container
2010 - Powlie Panache, owl figure
2010 - Owl, egg cup
2011 – Spirited Sam, ball character
2011 – Walter O’Bats, ball character
2012 - Hootin’ Newton, ball character
2012 – Garret Candy Corn Carror, ball character
2012 – Batrice the Spider Keeper, ball character

Kristen: I missed 2009 because I was too pregnant to travel. My first son was born October 27, 2009.

J: Well, you practically had a Halloween baby! And gauging from my Halloween birthday, I can certainly relate to the passion to celebrate the 'ol b-day with orange and black! I can see why Halloween is extra special to you :)

Well, thank you Kristen for sharing your thoughts about your Halloween collection with me! It has been a real treat to see where my creations now comfortably live in your delightful home. You have a designer's eye for decorating, and I am honored that you collect my work and share it with your family and friends. For you, it's clearly become a treasured tradition to deck the home in hand-crafted Halloween art!

~ Johanna

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Happy Halloween Decorating ~ 'tis the season!