Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chasing the Clock!....

Tomorrow is September!!!!! EEEK! In less than 2 weeks, I will be setting up a display of Halloween eye candy at Denver's 5th Annual Trunk Show! Some of my original pieces, destined for this show, are still standing naked, awaiting paint while others are ready for a coat of finish and their portraits taken for my personal records. I have lots yet to do, and it's only 11 days away! My parents were in town last week and over the weekend to celebrate Mom's birthday, and it was a BIG one, by the way! We had lots of fun catching up, but I was unable to set aside time to create a special piece for August's EHAG Emporium, and I apologize for that. It has been one of those busy-crazy years, so now I am trying to meet my own goals for what I hope to make and take to my 2 Halloween art shows this year. I know some of you loyal collectors travel in from many states away, and I don't want to disappoint! For those unable to attend, rest assured that I am setting aside a fun mix to offer for my October Web Sale (finally, I know!). I just haven't decided what date I will host that yet. I'm thinking somewhere between Sunday, October 10 - Wednesday October 13 would work best for my schedule. Your feedback would be appreciated, so let me know what works best for you! Thanks for checking in, and I hope to see you at an upcoming show!

Here is a sneak peek of just some of the goodies I have in store for this year's show season.....

~ Johanna





Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stocking up for the Trunk Show...

Amidst painting a slew of Halloween originals for this year's fall collection, I have been busy unpacking my latest Halloween reproductions. It's time to inspect each one, sign, price and pack them away in preparation for the 5th Annual Halloween Trunk Show, here in Denver. I thought you may want a little sneak peek at some of my goodies (produced by Bethany Lowe Designs) that have been arriving at our house! Wish me luck in getting all this done by the 2nd Saturday in September.... Lots to do, so off I go!

* A pair of Halloween pails wait to be filled with treats! The black cat hugs his pail, while the bat wraps his wings around his bucket....

* A stash of black cat pails line up, ready for inspection and my signature!

* How fun are these Halloween candy jars! Fill them with sweets and treats...

* "Shriek the Cat" came to life this year too!..... He was inspired by the fun standing wire-legged birds I have been creating for several years now...

* And luckily, I have more than one waiting for adoption!

* Here's one of my new "Wee Little Ween Clips"... This cute 'lil black cat can be posed and attached to your favorite Halloween tree, etc...

* The companion owl clip makes quite the pal to the black kitty.... I think you need one of each :)

I will be offering all of these fun Halloween reproduction designs of mine along with much much more at Denver's Halloween Trunk Show! It's coming up, so mark your calendars and make it a spooky-fun date to be there and adopt one or several of these collectible goodies!

See you there!
~ Johanna

PS... For those of you who are unable to attend this fun event but would still like to acquire one of my latest Halloween reproductions, you can visit my Source Links Page for a list of online vendors that offer my designs! Have fun shopping!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Halloween Archives...

It's funny the things you'll find when surfing on the web... I did a little search under "Halloween folk art" and found myself on Better Homes & Gardens website! They featured me back in their 2007 issue of Halloween Tricks & Treats Magazine, and now they have a series of 16 images and pages on their website that cover my story. Several of the photos are completely new to me, so it was interesting to finally see those. Included is a quick How-To that I shared with their readers at the time of publication. You can view the entire thing by visiting this link: Folk Art Halloween. Enjoy this 'lil flashback to the year 2007!

(Here are just a few of the images you'll see on their website.....)

* There's me at a mock workstation.... They wanted to capture that yummy purple wall!

* A table top display I put together for the shoot... The witch bust and hanging spider are my originals from my private collection.

* My hands (again)..... I'm wondering whatever happened to that amber ring?...

* The papier mache cat candy container I made for the article's How-to feature. Details on their website.....

© 2007 Meredith Corporation
Photography by Emily Minton

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Studio in Print...

Well, it was certainly a thrill to turn to page 101 of the current Fall issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Magazine today! Before my eyes, a list of my fellow Halloween artist friends rolls out, and many pages beyond reveal the studio spaces of these talented folks. I am honored to be included in the mix, and am so very pleased to see an extensive article focused on the artists of the Ghoultide Gathering event this October! A lucky 8 of us Ghoultide Gathering artists including myself, Sheila Bentley, William Bezek, Lori Ann Corelis, Vergie Lightfoot, Ed Pribyl, Debra Schoch and show promoter extraordinaire, Scott Smith are featured as artists that celebrate Halloween all year round! What fun it is to share my studio space with others and enjoy a glimpse into the spaces of my fellow artists. Many thanks to Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Magazine for spreading the word about the growing fascination and excitement for Halloween folk art. Please pick up your copy today and ENJOY! See you at Ghoultide on October 2nd!

* Here's a peek at my feature on page 117.....

* We had the opportunity to take our own photos for this issue. Of course, only a few were chosen. But, below you can peek at the additional images I captured for this fun submission. I feel very fortunate to have been included!

* Here's my main studio space with drafting table and loads of eye candy to keep the ideas and inspiration flowing.....

* We were asked to include images of our art, so I took a few vignettes. Pictured here is a one of a kind witch kettle cup that I kept for myself last year....

* Another angle of my drafting table where I illustrate and sketch....

* Another close up for an original... This time, it's an one of a kind black cat candy container of mine sitting amongst a few illustrations in the works. And yes, that's my Emmy award off in the distance ~ a reminder from my previous life as an art director in TV news graphics....

* This is my basement workspace where I craft.... It can get pretty messy in here!

* And of course, I cannot go around the house taking photos and not include Mr. Jack. He loves to have his picture taken :)

* © 2010 Johanna Parker Design *All photos are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Busy Fingers...

Never take for granted the hands that do our life's work.... It was past midnight last evening as JP snapped these candid photos of my busy fingers. Now that August is here, it's crunch time for me. So, I wheeled in a table of wire, pliers and glue and set out to make several sets of bat wings before I grew too sleepy to continue. (I know, talk about Saturday night fun!) I paid little attention to the experimental camera shots he was taking for I was deep in a crafting trance, counting out wires and forming them into sets. After I completed the steps, he shared the images he had taken - thank goodness not of me! But my hands, in artistic action, were the focus, and I was quite intrigued. I rarely grant these ten, long and skinny soldiers any credit for the work they do. But, without them, I would be lost.....

~ Johanna

* Dimly lit images of my hands pressing and forming wires into whimsical wings...

* Pressing and holding the wings in place while the glue is applied....

* Fingers work together to create whimsical wire art.....

* More glue to keep these little accents intact....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Announcing EHAG's 1st Annual Next Generation Halloween Art Contest!

What: A Kid's Halloween Art Contest
Who: Children ages 10-14
When: Now thru August 31st, 2010. The winner will be announced by September 7, 2010
Where: Online at the EHAG Facebook Page and EHAG Blog
How: Parents email an image of your little ghoul's Halloween themed artwork to ehaagartists@hotmail.com along with the young artist's name, age, date, contact info, title of piece and medium used.
Prize: $100 gift certificate for art supplies from the winner's art supply store of choice.

Be as creative as possible and all artwork must be created solely by the young artist. We ask that no gore be depicted. Artwork will be judged based on originality and use of medium, and all mediums will be accepted. (All EHAG family members are excluded from participation.)

The artists of EHAG are obviously not the first generation to create Halloween art, and we certainly will not be the last. So, we decided to sponsor a kid's art contest that both celebrates our most favorite holiday and nurtures their creative spirit! And, as we know that there must be children out there that love both art and Halloween, why not begin to encourage them today! So, please spread the word :)

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your creative Halloween art entries!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Collector Spotlight!...

I am introducing a fun, new series here on my blog that features my supportive collectors out there! Please join me in welcoming our first guest feature as August's Collector Spotlight..... Craig has been a loyal Halloween fan for several years now, and he has graciously offered a peek at his Johanna Parker one of a kind collection at Halloween-time. You can read along at our Q & A, and enjoy the eye candy as you go!


J: How did you learn about my Halloween folk art?
C: I first came across your work at my first visit to Halloween and Vine about 4 years ago. So I guess you could say that I just stumbled across your work, although in hind site I had already purchased one of your cat bowls online to use at my veterinary hospital to hold candy at halloween. At that time I did not know you had any other pieces or original art work as well.


J: How long have you been collecting my originals?
C: Since I met you 4 years ago at Halloween and Vine.


J: What is it about my creations that captures your imagination?
C: I love vintage folk art Halloween images. I'm especially drawn to paper mache artwork. The color palates are perfect for that era along with the detail image work on the Halloween hats and the container bases. I also am drawn to your work because you incorporate animals such as bats, cats and more recently even dogs! The expressions on the faces are always fun and cheerful.


J: Where have you had the best luck in acquiring my original pieces;
shows, web sales, Collector's Catch, eBay, etc?
C: I have aquired most of your pieces at Halloween and Vine and some that you have offered online. I don't know what I'm going to do this year since you won't be at Hand V :(


J: I know, I won't be at H&V this year, but I will be exhibiting at the Ghoultide Gathering in October. It's a must see event with a fabulous Halloween artist line-up! I have a hunch you'd like it :)


J: Do you have a favorite piece in your private collection?
C: I love them all but I really like the squatty bat with the spread out wings.


(I think this is the squatty bat he is referring to, or it could be the one pictured below.......)


J: Is there anything in particular you suggest I try making in the future?
C: Would love to see more dogs! I think some skeletons or zombies would be great too if you wanted to go down the creepy road.

Thank you Craig for sharing your unique Halloween collection and spooktacular display with us! It's always a pleasure for me to see my creations so thoughtfully displayed in their new surroundings.....

~ Johanna

PS: I know there are many more of you loyal collector fans out there, so please don't hesitate to share your photos with me! Perhaps you will be my next Collector Spotlight! Many thanks for your support and interest in my original work :)