Monday, April 28, 2008

Cat Welcoming Committee...

My artist & collector friend, Lory in California surprised me with some fun photos yesterday! Her "KatKids" as she calls LilyPad and Mr.Moon had to give their official welcoming sniff to her newest Johanna Parker Design adoptee from my Full Moon Web Sale, and she captured the moment!... Just thought I'd share! I'm a sucker for all things cat-related! (feel free to email me your fun pics of my artworks in your home! It's always a pleasure to see where they live and perhaps how your 4-legged companions react to them... Just don't leave them alone with that folk art!!) :-)
Thanks again Lory for sharing these fun pics with us!

Happy Week,
~ Johanna

* Sniff, sniff, sniff.... did "LilyLuna" pass LilyPad's test?

* I think they've already lost interest here.... hehe....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Fool-O-Ween!

Another fun and unique EHAG group challenge cross-over piece of mine has just posted on eBay!.. This time the theme was to create a piece inspired by both April Fool's and Halloween (of course....) So, I created this whimsical black cat jester candy cup. He's got quite the catitude! he he.... You can click on the image below to visit my auction page. Thanks for looking!!!

~ Johanna

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Full Moon Web Sale!

In honor of this month's full moon, I am having a Full Moon Web Sale on this Sunday, April 20th! On the afternoon of sale day, I will be updating my Folk Art Originals page with my latest one-of-a-kind creations. Stay tuned for black cats, owls and bats with a lunar twist! And yes, the sale falls on the full moon of this month!

Have a moon-derful week!

~ Johanna

© 2008 Johanna Parker Design * All contents on this site are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Feathered Visitors...

It's been a busy, bustling week of flapping feathers and chirping calls in our backyard bird haven. Each year around this time when the robins visit in masses to nibble on juniper berries and bathe, I know that spring is just around the corner. I just love that......

This week, I captured a few fun bird moments at our community bird bath and around various roosts in our yard. The highlight was an owl visitor at dusk that quietly perched on a branch, eyes darting all about! I've never seen an owl in our yard, and I'm sure my smaller bird friends were not as excited as I was upon his visit! But, it was quite a treat....(Hmmm, and guess what I'm sculpting now.... hoot hoot! ) These little critters are full of inspiration for me......

I'll post a few photos below for you to enjoy......

~ Johanna

* Two robins look about between sips of cool water....

* A small owl perches on a low juniper branch at dusk, hence the grainy photo, but you can still see him.... Jack (my cat) and I had our noses pressed against the glass!

* My spoiled sparrow friends eat seeds from a large terracotta dish..Typically, you'll see squirrels feeding here throughout the day..... See, JP's nice stonework too...

* Adorable zoom of a sparrow, nestled in the tree....

* A sweet robin in silhouette roosts on the peek of our garage roof.... I love that pic....

* Two starlings bathe in the same water the robins were just drinking from..... Hmmm, I guess that's acceptable bird etiquette :)

* The robin at right watches his buddy munch down a juniper berry.... cute!

* What are you looking at?!!!!