Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spirits, Anyone?...

Hmm, could she possibly be referring to the nebulous spooks that go bump in the night, or perhaps a bubbly evening beverage to taste? Both sound intriguing, but I'm actually referring to my one of a kind EHAG Emporium piece that I am offering this evening. "Spirited Sparky" was born out of my new fascination for painting ghostly figures this month. Sparky himself is a robust, black and cream colored cat, but his bulbous base tells a haunting tale of flowing ghosts in graphic shapes and hues. If you would like to adopt this original folk art character, please Email Me to secure this piece! Keep scrolling down for additional photos and details, and don't forget to visit EHAG's Emporium to marvel at the other haunting originals by fellow artists, this evening!

Thank you!
~ Johanna


SOLD to Elaine ~ "Spirited Sparky"
~ Thank you!

$365 plus shipping
~ 5.5" tall by 3.25" wide
Signed, dated and marked 1/1
He wears a wispy strand of black filament around his neck, and a handmade vintage crepe paper bow tie adds a festive touch below his chin!


Sparky and his eye-catching base are intriguing from all angles. Add him tonight to your collection of haunting delights!

Designs & Photography © 2011 Johanna Parker Design, LLC
Images may not be used without permission

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Toot Toot!...

Finally, my first sample pair of decorative Halloween tin horns arrived! These collectible goodies are part of my 2011 fall collection of reproductions from Bethany Lowe Designs. From the day I first spied a vintage toy horn cloaked in whimsical imagery, I have been intrigued by these novelties. What a pleasure it was to create my own vintage style versions, complete with a black cat and of course an owl companion to match. Proudly standing a tall 13" in height, this spooky-fun coupling will certainly add a festive ring to your home this Halloween season. I believe these party pleasers will be available in early summer, so make sure and ask your favorite vendors to order them now before they are sold out! Enjoy this sneak peek... TOOT TOOT!

~ Johanna

* A perched owl and a frolicking cat bring these decorative horns to life!

* They look great side by side and stunning across your mantel.....

* Up close and personal with this ornery owl!

* It's always a hoot to dance with the bats......

* Mix these collectible pieces with your existing collection of vintage horns or other antique Halloween novelties....

* Smile ~ Halloween's just around the corner :)

Designs & Photography, © Johanna Parker Design. Images may not be used without permission.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Halloween, 2012......

Designing holiday products can be tricky as I must think a year-plus in advance while creating my pieces off season. The latter comes natural since I always have Halloween on the mind! But, I do find my patience running thin as I design and create pieces that will not be available for more than a year. By the time they arrive, it's like a happy reunion where the face is pleasantly familiar, but we do have to get reacquainted a bit. This week, I am finishing up a small batch of Halloween prototypes for Bethany Lowe Designs, 2012. I had fun with these as I decided to blend my illustrations with the sculptures that I love to create. The end result is a series of fun, jack-in-a-box style candy box characters that serve as both decorative as well as functional pieces of art! The first image is a mock-up as I honestly ran out of time to actually build the boxes. Keep scrolling down for more.....


The illustration of a lanky pumpkin man teetering atop a jack-o'-lantern
creates the fun panels for this sweet piece.


These sample drawings are a trio of sideshow-style images conveying a whimsical character framed in a staged setting. Four panels of each design will comprise each box, and the corresponding character's bust will crown the box's lid!


Of course, I had to include one of my black cats in the mix!


Here's another peek at my jack-o'-lantern character! What a fun face :)


And, my first licensed skelly will be making his debut alongside the other two characters. I'm looking forward to reuniting with this fun trio next fall! Now, if only I were more patient.....

I also squeezed in a spooky spider design.... Stay tuned for a peek at him later...

Happy Haunting,
~ Johanna

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Goblins & Ghosties March in!....

The artists of EHAG were presented with their first Halloween Art Challenge of the year, "Goblins & Ghosties!" Oddly enough, I have never created a ghost before... So, this was a fun, outside-of-the-box project for me, and I willingly played along. As a result, "Ghostie Boo" was just born, and what fun I had creating him. You can find a variety of photos and details featuring this unique character on his corresponding eBay Auction page. Thanks to all for taking a peek and for kindly offering a bid if you are so inclined. I also invite you to visit EHAGart's Blog which we will continue to update with the various Goblins & Ghosties that our participating artists have created. ENJOY, and BOO to You!

~ Johanna

* Stylized wire arms of an ethereal nature, raise high and create a spooky sense while framing his sweet ghostie face...


* Recessed teardrop eyes mimic his ghostly form and tend to follow you as you pass by this spooky little spirit!

* A pair of spirits meet on his backside and create an eerily flowing effect.....

Designs & Photos, © 2011 Johanna Parker Design, LLC ~ Photos may not be used without permission

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do you "LIKE" me?....

With social networking as the sign of the times, new language is in play. And, with Facebook setting the stage, the word "friend" has suddenly become a verb, and FB Page Keepers find themselves tracking their number of "LIKES" as some sort of a popularity contest.... It all reminds me a bit of high school, and so does the peer pressure that goes along with it. For quite some time, I have been reluctant to open an official Artist Page on Facebook for that very reason, but yesterday I caved in. Subsequently, I have been absorbed with it ever since, but I am hopeful that the novelty of it all, for me at least, will soon fade as I need to get some work done. But as many of you know, these social networking sites can certainly suck you in! I have been uploading images of my work, shows, etc.. to my new Johanna Parker Design Page, and if you are so inclined, please stop in for a visit, leave a comment perhaps, and of course I would appreciate a "LIKE" once you are there..... That is, IF you "LIKE" me... :) Oh I just have to laugh......


Yes, it's just one more thing to add to the list of to-do's, maintaining yet another page in the world of cyberspace. But, I do see the benefits as well in having the opportunity to connect with more people to share my art and create more smiles in this rather complicated world we live in. Of course, I promise to continue updating my blog with various news, images, and more. So, I'll be OUT there......

Thank you for your support and interest as always....
~ Johanna

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Treasured Gifts, CARNIVAL TALE!

Some may call it coincidence, and others perhaps good fortune, but I call it whimsy in motion. Last week, two packages addressed to me, arrived on the same day. One made its journey from Tennessee while the other had traveled all the way from Australia... I was anticipating the latter as I knew I had won a sweet little papier mache crown from the magically talented Aussie artist, Victoria Sayer. While I was hosting my blog giveaway back in January, she popped in to invite me to enter hers at the Green and White Garden. Weeks later, a happy message appeared in my in-box stating that I had won the frog prince's wee golden crown! Her charming grand daughter, dressed as a pirate captain, drew my name from a slew of fans! What fun I thought, and how lucky I must be!


Then, a few weeks later while casually chatting with friends and family on Facebook, my (fairy) godmother Melinda reminded me of Mardi Gras and asked if Jack would be modeling for the Carnival. The thought had never crossed my mind, but we giggled a bit about the idea and went on our merry way.... To my surprise, the other package was from Melinda, and it contained a shiny loot of Mardi Gras beads, a festooned purple glove and three mini masks, just Jack's size!


Was it a coincidence that Victoria's wee little crown was just his size too? Then, images of Mardi Gras flashed in my mind ~ beads, masks, feathers AND crowns parading in a frenzy of color and delight! OK, I get the hint!!!! I laughed and laughed and had Jack model the bejeweled treasures this afternoon for additional grins!


And, I guess it was meant to be! The whimsy in motion worked its creative magic, and the photos below bring it ALL together!


Jack, in his purple, green and golden finery, would like to wish you a jolly Mardi Gras and gives us all an excuse to smile, laugh and perhaps add a little extra bling to our wardrobes this spring!


And let this fun tale be a lesson that whimsy is all around us! Acknowledge it and invite it in to stay :)


Thank you to both Victoria Sayer and Melinda Hightower for allowing this whimsy to unfold........

~ Johanna