Sunday, November 25, 2012

Quick Peek for the Curious...

It's less than a week away ~ GULP! I'm referring to our 10th Annual Holiday Folk Art Show & Open House. My workshop looks like a crew of elves had their way with my holiday creations, yet you and I both know that I don't have any elves! So, I can only blame myself for being such a mess-maker! It's countdown week for me, so I am only peeking in to say hello and to somewhat satisfy the curiosities of collector friends, wondering what goodies I am creating for this event. With little time to spare, I quickly snapped some images on my iPhone via Instagram. So, please excuse my quick, blurry pics. I typically shoot with my Nikon camera, playing with my lenses and such, but I honestly have no time for that right now. I am still finishing the painted details on a few one of a kinds, and with any luck, I hope to have everything complete by Monday's end so I can focus on transforming the house into a holiday shop! From one of a kind bell ornament characters, to kettle cups, sitters, candy containers, egg cups, ball guys and busts, it looks like I will have 30+ originals to offer! Of course, the rest of our house will be filled with a fun variety of my licensed reproduction designs. So, I hope you will join us. For details and the official newsletter invitation, please join my Mailing List.

Back to the workshop......
~ Johanna


* The process of painting a collection of originals is a long series of many many steps and design decisions that sometimes make my head spin... I'm getting closer to finishing these guys, and I look forward to seeing the delight in the eyes of those who will adopt them!


* My new snowmen ornament rattles, from Bethany Lowe Designs have all been signed and will soon suspend from feather trees in our front room. I was able to pre-order a special batch of these cuties, despite their official Christmas 2013 release date!


* My snowmen and Santas from Primitives by Katby line up for signatures, pricing and placement... The whimsical, vintage style bottle brush trees will also be available for shoppers!


* New this year are these adorable stocking snowmen ornaments from my Primitives by Kathy Christmas collection...


* One of a kind holiday characters await their aged patina, subtle shimmer, wire accents and trims....


* To pair with the snowmen rattles above, these Santa ornament rattles are also debuting a year early, and only for the attendees joining us next weekend!

See you soon!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Hearty Thanksgiving to you!...

Here's wishing all of our family and friends a Happy & Hearty Thanksgiving! May you have a fruitful day filled with laughs, good cheer and yummy eats too......

Grateful as always,
~ Johanna, JP, Jack & our backyard squirrels


Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday Bustle in the Workshop...

Oh my, Oh my! It's November 12th, and my heart beats pitter-patter as the calendar nears the month of December! I have been fully focused on creating my collection of one of a kind, winter delights for my 10th Annual Holiday Folk Art Show & Open House! As JP finish-sands the second round of characters from this year's collection, I am painting the first batch. Lots of snowmen, owls, mice, a few Santas and other characters round out the menagerie. I am anxious to complete these festive fellows so that I can tidy the house, decorate and prepare for the big event! Boxes of my holiday licensed designs will soon be arriving as well, so the juggling act between artist and shop & house-keeper begins. Wish me luck as I will need it. For now, I'm offering a tiny peek at what I am currently working on. This is just a snapshot of my collection. Please join me at our Open House to see all the whimsical delights! Members of my Mailing List will soon receive the official invitation.

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna


* A festive owl ball character comes to life with holiday-hued paint...


* An audience of captive characters watch as I add more cream-colored paint to my palette...


* Fa-la-la sings the snowman to his fellow festive friends...


* A birds-eye view of just some of the guys currently awaiting paint & details in my workshop...


* I feel like I am being watched!...


* The process of painting can be tedious and time-consuming as there are endless ways to paint each character. Design decisions are constantly being made with each brush stroke!


* My first bear ornament gets a coat of red interior paint...


* EEk!

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