Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thanks for Sharing...

Hi friends! It's time to share the fun photos that YOU have been sharing with us this past week! We are so happy that you enjoyed our "Hearty Hat" project, and it has been a joy to see your pictures. It makes us smile, knowing that this project has created so many fun memories for you! Many thanks to all of you that took the time to share your images with us. Remember, HEARTS are here to stay and not just for Valentine's Day. So, if you haven't had a moment to play, we welcome you to Download and PRINT this special project file, have fun and SHARE! I will be adding more of your photos to this post as you submit them! So, it's not too late to join in on the fun :)  For now, in no particular order, I am posting the sweet photos we have received thus far. ENJOY!

~ Johanna, JP & Jack


" This is my hat project. Bailey would have no part of wearing what he considers a kitty toy on his head, so I found it a safer perch on the sideboard. " ~ Melinda H.


* Melinda placed her Hearty Hat in a wine glass on her sideboard ~ Clever display concept ~ it looks LOVELY!




" I had so much fun sticking this cute little hat on everything and everyone in my house! Myself, my cat, my bunny, my dolls! LOL Thanks again for the holiday fun, Johanna!! ♥ Happy Valentines Day!! " ~ Kym A. 


" Hi Miss Johanna! Here are the pictures of Joey! That was such a cute and sweet idea to share with everyone! It was hard to get a good picture with the hat staying on him :-) Enjoy!!! " ~ Lori K.


" Simon has a Valentine cat hat thanks to Johanna Parker ;) " ~ Amy B.


" Mag's got one too " ~ Amy B.

" Dearest Johanna,

First, Thank you kindly for sharing this PDF of your wonderful artwork. I had so much fun making it! Second, you and your husband are definitely better photographers than my husband and I. And third, Jack is so much more relaxed and cool with a hat on than Cobweb, our cat. (She's about 80 yrs. old in cat years)......

...But alas, we did the best we could and here's the best two. I'm convinced that these would have come out better in the natural daylight, but it was one of those things where I was like, "Honey quick! Get the camera!" Also I laughed so hard throughout the process of trying to take the photos, because Cobweb had no interest in getting her picture taken, and my husband kept calling himself my "cat-hat slave." All in all it was a fun shoot. So Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family! And thank you again for the hat project! " ~ Amber O.


" Dear Johanna - Thanks for the HAT download!!! Tonight I am hosting a "Valentine/ Birthday" party for a neighbor. The HAT download came just in time to print off for my guests. Still so much to do, tho, before 6 p.m. Just wanted to show you the 1st hat, that became a "plant-poke" until I refine my 'rolling' technique! Ha! Ha! Thank-you again my dear for SHARING. " ~ Jude B.


" Your Hat on Sally King Garden Baby - Happy Heart Day! " ~ Laura M.

I invite others to JOIN in and SHARE your photos! EMAIL me your pictures, and I will post them here!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!...

From our hearts to yours, we wish you a LOVEly Valentine's Day! And once again, Jack reminds us that cats really can wear hats, even if it's just for a few moments :) We were happy to snap this series of photos as Jack fashioned my "Hearty Hat." Keep in mind that you too can be imaginative with this design, as we are sharing this hat with you! Please visit the following blog post below for a link to print this sweet conical stack of hearts! I welcome you to SHARE your project photos with me so that I may share them too! Wishing you many heart-warming moments and smiles....

~ Johanna, JP & Jack






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Monday, February 11, 2013

A Gift of Love for You!

It's not often that I create Valentine's art, and many hours went into designing this illustrated Hearty Hat that I made for just 6 one of a kind folk art characters. The thought of retiring this hat design, shortly after all of that work seems rather silly. And so, we want to SHARE it with you! A printable PDF file has been created for you to download! Simply print it on card stock or whatever paper you desire, follow the Tips on that page and be imaginative. As many of you know, Jack, our black cat, often models my handmade hats.  Keep an eye out for his Valentine photo shoot, here on the 14th! We invite you to get crafty.... We would LOVE to see your "Hearty Hat" creations and the ways you choose to decorate with them.  Please EMAIL your finished project photos or post them directly on the Johanna Parker Design FACEBOOK page so that we can share them and spread the love. Have FUN and Enjoy!

Much Love,
~ Johanna, JP & Jack


* Download & Print my "Hearty Hat"...


Happy crafting with warm hearts and smiles....

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Feel the Love ~ Make Your Offer!

Hello Sweethearts!

The month of LOVE is upon us, and I am here to tempt you with this charming owl who may just steal your heart! "Romantic Romeowl" a light-hearted twist on Romeo, stands 9.5" tall. Quite the darling of Valentines, he is hand-sculpted and hand-painted by me, Johanna Parker. He dons a handmade illustrated hat of hearts, trimmed in red glass glitter and a chenille heart tip. And as much as I LOVE him, this admirable owl is up for bids!

Does your heart go pitter-patter when you look into his eyes? Perhaps a hint to your honey will be all you need to make Romeowl your Valentine. Or, maybe it's time to indulge in your passion for owls or your desire for one of a kind folk art.  Whatever the reason may be, treat yourself to this sweet fellow by placing your Best Offer!

Final Best Offer: $850 
Last Updated: 2-8-13, 11:00 am MST
Many thanks to all of my generous collectors who placed bids of affection for Romantic Romeowl! I am so very grateful to you. Romeowl will soon be taking up residence with Amber in CA, an I feel he is excited to meet her. :) Thank you ALL so very much for your support and LOVE for my one of a kind folk art! As a special gift, I am sharing my Valentine Hearty Hat template for you to print and play with! Click HERE and enjoy! 

About this Blog Auction: 

If you would like a chance at adopting "Romantic Romeowl,"simply EMAIL ME with your Best Offer. What would you (or your honey) be willing to spend in order to adopt this collectible piece?
So, here's the scoop:

- The Starting Bid is $350
- Bidders will remain private
- My blog will update daily to reflect the highest Best Offer
- Numbers on the wheel will be rounded down in increments of 50
- Keep an eye on the wheel by refreshing this page
- Submit best offers once or as many times as you wish during this auction

On Thursday, February 7th at 9:30 pm EST, I will email all the participating bidders with a Last Call, announcing the current high offer. Afterwards, bidders will have until mid-day on February 8th to submit any additional offers. I hope to announce the Winning Offer amount here on my blog by 11am MST on the 8th. So, you have about a week's time to submit your best offer/s. Anyone has a chance to participate if he or she chooses, and bidders can keep track of the approximated offers here on my blog. 

How to Bid :
Please study the various photos below to see if you would like to adopt "Romantic Romeowl."
If he hoots to you, then . . . . . . . 

* EMAIL ME with the amount of your Best Offer (johanna@johannaparkerdesign.com)
* Title your email: "Best Offer - $ ____ "
* Look for a reply / confirmation email that your offer has been received

As you submit your offer/s, you are welcome to identify yourself or remain anonymous.  Send emails from whatever email address you choose as long as I can reach you in the event you are the winner!  I will be accepting offers until 11am MST, February 8th. At that time, I will review the offers and post the pending best offer amount. The winner will be notified and will have 24 hours to respond, identify him or herself and start the process of finalizing the sale. The piece will be offered to the bidder of the next best offer, in the event the top bidder does not to respond.

As for emailing me with your offers, please know that I am grateful for your support and any bids of affection. Best of luck!...... Now, let's get started :)

Up for Offers is "Romantic Romeowl"... 


* At 9.5" tall by over 4" wide, Romeowl Hugs a Heart!...


* He's delicately sculpted to express his stylized feathers...


* With a belly full of love, he perches with his wiry feet on a decorated mound...


* He's a creamy vintage bird fellow painted in undertones of warm gray...


* A heart-shaped glint in each round eye, reveals his love...


* Graduated feathers cascade down his backside...


* He perches atop a decorative mound painted to complement his sweet hat...


* Red glass glitter adds shimmer and magic to his heart-stacked hat...


* Who can resist this charming Valentine?


* He's signed and marked 1/1...
**** The winner may opt to have me paint on a personal message as well,
and that's on me!


* Oh, won't you be My Valentine?

~ Johanna

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